Kylie Jenner Always Rocks Major Bling On Instagram

This family goes all out for Christmas — I mean, with the decorations, the Christmas card, the party — their house is practically the North Pole. Kylie Jenner got a giant diamond ring for Christmas because what else do you get the girl who has everything, you know? There are tons of speculations that this ring means the 18-year-old is engaged, but honestly, that’s highly unlikely, if only for the reason that Jenner loves to show off her bling on Instagram.

From showing off her nails to her latest automobile purchase, Jenner’s got a lot of fancy things to put out on social media, and that’s part of the reason that we all love to drool over, uhh, I mean scroll through her posts. Jewelry is definitely something this girl owns a lot of, so, while this gigantic diamond ring is amazing, it’s not the first incredible piece of bling that she’s come to own.

See her latest (and greatest) Christmas gift along with seven other times she’s rocked some major bling on Instagram. When it comes to extravagance, nobody does it quite like Jenner does. In fact, she can show off a little piece of her fortune on each and every finger, and that’s one heck of a way to live.

It was a very Merry Christmas, indeed!

1. Pinky Ring

These poses are great, but I can't get past that pinky ring.

2. Layered

Her stacking game is strong.

3. All Blinged Out

Diamonds for every finger.

4. Subtle Shimmer

Sometimes just a little bling will do.

5. Barbie Girl

What would Barbie do? Wear lots and lots of jewel, of course.

6. Wedding Band Style

She loves teasing with rings on her right hand.

7. Left Hand Bling

She occasionally wears her rings on the left side, too.

I know when she rocks some bling, it could only mean one thing...

She's just living the high life, you know?

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