Get To Know Tyler Henry, The 'Hollywood Medium'

Think of someone who can talk to spirits from the beyond, and you probably imagine one of two things: either a fortune teller looking at their crystal ball, or Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium. But Tyler Henry, star of E!'s Hollywood Medium , is nothing like either of those stereotypes. In fact, he's an incredibly young guy who looks like he should be starring on a CW show, not talking to dead people. But even at his young age, Henry has already proven his paranormal skills so well, he's the go-to psychically connected professional for all of Hollywood's biggest stars. That's why his reality show, which will have a preview special on Dec. 28 in advance of its late January 2016 premiere, is called Hollywood Medium.

Of course, there's more to Tyler than just his reality series. When the cameras are off, he is still tirelessly working to bring catharsis to A-Listers, but he also has other things he cares about besides the dearly departed friends and family of celebrities. And even though he's going to become a reality star, until now, Tyler has been a Hollywood outsider. So in addition to his uncanny talents, here's everything you need to know about Tyler Henry that insures he'll be both fun to watch and successful.

He's Only 20 Years Old

That's right: Tyler hasn't even reached the legal American drinking age. He's incredibly accomplished for just barely being out of his teens.

He Once Trained To Be A Hospice Nurse

As Tyler told Out, he originally planned to go into nursing. "Hospice nursing was definitely something I planned on, but I don’t see most of future so I had no idea what it would become," he said. "When I was going to school, I got a reading from a woman who told me that when I was 19 I’d start filming a TV show ... And then sure enough, when I was 19 it all happened."

He Hangs Out On Beautiful Beaches

The rest of the world's 20-year-old population is probably not hanging out at a Malibu beach for their Christmas vacation — most of them are probably just thrilled that they no longer have to cram for undergraduate finals.

He Trains Himself To Use His Gifts

It's interesting to hear Tyler talk about how he became a skilled medium. Instead of mentally seeing specific images, he instead has to work on opening his mind so he can process the reading. He told Out, "Usually about an hour before, I’ll sit down and go through a meditation period where I just focus on bringing through anything I can pick up on. ... That is the goal of connecting beforehand, so I can go into the reading with some intuitive insight."

He's Already Worked With Lots Of Celebrities

Tyler's already been featured on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, as shown above, when Khloe called him in to help with the spirit of her father, Robert Kardashian, whose energy was hanging over her home. The cathartic moment involved plenty of tears and plenty of emotional bonding between Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney, who all miss their father.

Tyler Henry is skilled at dealing with celebrities and has the discipline to deliver readings that genuinely seem to make his clients feel good. You don't need to be psychic in order to realize that the Hollywood Medium will become a very successful star in his own right.

Image: Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment