The Toms Ink Their Butts On 'Vanderpump Rules'

The men on Vanderpump Rules have a lot of issues, but none of them greater than commitment issues. Season after season, cheating scandals come up on the show, and loyalties are questioned by loved ones. Well, on Vanderpump Rules , Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval proved commitment is no issue by getting butt tattoos whilst in Vegas. Unfortunately, what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas when it's permanently etched onto your right butt cheek. So, now that the tattoos have spoken, maybe we can expect the commitment issues to go out the window.

On the first part of the Vanderpump Vegas Trip, the boys were on their best behavior (aka they didn't cheat on their partners). That was, until, Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval ventured onto the Vegas Strip and found themselves getting butt tattoos for their girlfriends, Katie and Ariana, respectively. Tom Schwartz went for the tasteful "Bubba" script on his right butt cheek, and Tom Sandoval, bless him, went with a bacon-colored "A" for Ariana on his butt cheek. Please note: both men admit they were drunk during the decision moment of the tattoo process.

In Schwartz's eyes, the tattoo is just another step in the right direction—the direction being a lifelong commitment to one person (Katie). As Katie points out, first it was their dog, then the iconic ring on the string, and now the butt tattoo. Fear not, Katie — that ring on the finger is coming your way! I can't say the same for Tom Sandoval, as his bacon tattoo wasn't as well-received.

Sandoval's tattoo, the bacon "A," isn't really bacon, but it basically is. The camera didn't hold on his butt cheek, can't blame whoever was operating it that day, but it looked to be a flame design. Ariana hates it, Lisa calls it the worst tattoo she's ever seen, even Sandoval's mom couldn't believe it. Basically, Sandoval is taking his Vegas earnings and putting them towards laser-tattoo-removal fees.

Overall, it wouldn't have been a Vegas trip without some type of scandal. This is probably the most PG scandal to hit Vanderpump Rules. I don't know where this season is heading if there isn't a Vegas cheating scandal to steer the rest of the season.