That Sherlock/Moriarty Kiss Wasn't All It Seemed

Sorry, Sherlock fans: It looks like one of the biggest moments from Jan. 19's US season three premiere wasn't anything more than just another elaborate Hollywood fake-out. According to star Benedict Cumberbatch himself, that monumental scene that probably broke Tumblr, Sherlock and Moriarty's kiss, never actually happened during filming — the scene cuts just before the two lock lips, and that's where filming stopped as well.

Cumberbatch's answer was simple: "We didn't actually kiss," he told a reporter during a panel at the TCA press tour on Monday. Man of few words, eh?

Executive producer Steven Moffat elaborated, after Cumberbatch: "We got the idea to do it from the palpable chemistry between Andrew and Benedict," he said. "We can’t control it any longer. We let them at it. But we cut it before contact and, indeed, sex...as to how far the tongue got in, you have to ask Benedict."

Cumberbatch responded with a stutter. "It was like this. Fist bumping. No. Yeah. No. Not in that way, but platonically."

And the sex? Unfortunately, it looks like fans will have to keep those ideas strictly in their fanfiction. In fact, they probably already have, because there's a lot of Sherlock fanfiction in the world right now.

You can check out a clip of the much-talked about kiss scene below.

Image: BBC