Where To Buy A Massive Ring Just Like Kylie's

We all know that diamonds are a girl's best friend. So, when reality TV-star, Kylie Jenner showed off a diamond ring on Instagram that was completely enormous, the Internet went crazy. Everything from engagement rumors to secret wedding plans spread like wild-fire across the web. However, before you start stalking Instagram for wedding updates, Jenner went on record saying the rumors weren't true. According to her website, it's just a present from a "special someone."

While I'm not usually the one to keep up with Kardashian-Jenner clan, I am almost always interested in impressive jewelry. Just look at that ring! It's a complete showstopper.

For us non-Jenners, enormous diamond rings aren't exactly in our normal monthly budget (sigh). So, when it comes to copying King Kylie's jewelry game, it's easiest to turn to faux stones instead. I promise that no one will judge you for not rocking a real 15 carats, so don't worry about your gems looking less than pristine. There are plenty of faux diamond rings out there that look just as fabulous as their pricier counterparts. No budget planning needed! Here are seven fabulous diamond rings that could double as Kylie Jenner's.

1. A Ravishing Rock

Engagement Ring, $49.95, Fantasy Jewlery Box

While the band of Kylie's ring isn't bejeweled, there is nothing wrong with a few extra diamonds.

2. Set In Stone

Engagement Ring, $14.71, Overstock

What's better than one row of diamonds? Two, obviously.

3. Silver Stars

Engagement Ring, $120, Overstock

Oh, hello beautiful.

4. Bling Bling

Engagement Ring, $134, Overstock

Can I have one for every finger?

5. Cold Cuts

Diamond Ring, $49, Berricle

Oh, this old thing?

6. Ice Queen

Vintage Ring, $45, Emitations

Icy bling has never looked so good.

7. Plush In Platinum

Vintage Ring, $105, Overstock Silver

This ring is definitely worth a few more Instagram followers.

You don't have to have the wallet of a queen to live like King Kylie. These faux diamond rings are perfect for those who want their own stunning bling.

Images: KylieJenner/Instagram; Courtesy Brands