Mariah Carey Braves The Cold In Gold

It's sweater weather, not bathing suit weather. I'm pulling out coats, scarves and gloves, not beach attire! But that literally cold, hard climate fact means absolutely nothing to singer Mariah Carey, who wore a gold swimsuit in the snow. So, the pop diva basically braved the bitter cold in gold. This is actually a semi-annual tradition for Mimi, who often dons a skimpy bathing suit while on vacation in snowy Aspen, Colorado in December, and then shares it with her lambs. It's her thing.

For her 2015 swimsuit-in-winter photo, Carey poured her curves into a gold one-piece with an embellished front. She looked freaking gorgeous, despite the frigid temps and the fact that she was taking a hot dip while surrounded by snow.

It's safe to say that the singer and mother of twins brought some much-needed heat to Aspen with this scorching snap. Even though she was relatively more covered up with this suit than she would be with, say, a bikini, Carey was still a trooper and displayed not one ounce of fear of the cold. This Insta photo is like her high fashion take on polar bearing!

Carey remains positively molten and her megawatt smile also added a whole other element of hawt to this photo.

Carey was all sorts of liquid gold — 24 karat or 24 "Carat" gold, yo! This is how you glow in the snow.

Her bathing suit was a stark contrast to her Hello Kitty-themed, Christmas onesie. She was positively stunning in this one-piece of a different sort! Don't you love how these holiday snaps show both sides of Carey — she is a sexpot siren as much as she is a playful mom of two! These seasonal shots demonstrate her duality.

Carey was red hot in her 2013 bikini-in-winter shot. She could melt polar ice caps. The girl has guts to strip down in the bitter cold.

Another beach bod shot. Carey has it, so she flaunts it. But anyone can do that on a beach in warm temperatures.

I must say that I love how she was going for the gold with her snow shot.

Images: Mariah Carey/Instagram (4)