Demi & Wilmer Say Goodbye To Their Dog

Dealing with loss around the holidays is immensely difficult. And as any pet owner would know, losing a beloved pet — a true member of the family by all means — is a loss that carries with it intense grief. Sadly, Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama were hit with this devastating double whammy this holiday season when they were forced to say goodbye to their dog the day after Christmas, the couple revealed on social media. Lovato and Valderrama paid tribute to their dog Spawn in a series of incredibly emotional, heart-wrenching Instagram photos, delivering the kind of eulogy that would make their boy proud but will also rip your heart right out of its chest cavity. These are genuine responses from people who loved their dog like no other, and to tell you the truth, they will probably make you cry.

Valderrama shared a photo of his hand on Spawn's side, writing a lengthy caption honoring and celebrating his dog's life. It will move you to tears.

"Spawn my boy you completed our family.. You were the alpha and my son.. I saw you go from a little pup with your ears taped to the most beautiful Doberman I have ever seen," Valderrama wrote. "I love you so much and I am going to miss you so freaking much.. Touching you and kissing you for the last time last night was so painful.. I just kept thinking I hope he's feeling my touch and hearing me say he was my son and that I loved him.."

Lovato also expressed her grief on Instagram, sharing a photo of the pup licking her nose as she shuts her eyes and grins.

"Saying goodbye absolutely broke my heart and I felt as if I was saying farewell to a family member," Lovato wrote. "The only thing that brings me comfort in this situation is knowing that Buddy is probably really happy he now gets to play with his big brother in Heaven.. We love you so much Spawn.. We miss you so much and we will never ever EVER forget you. RIP baby boy.."

In their tributes, both Valderrama and Lovato mention the singer's late dog Buddy, who died in a "tragic accident" over the summer, the "Confident" singer told fans in July. It is clear that they both take comfort in the fact that Spawn will now be with his fellow canine sibling who went before him.

Though Lovato and Valderrama are undoubtedly heartbroken over their loss, it is incredibly touching to see their emotional tributes to their dog — particularly Valderrama's, since he raised the pup from infancy and regarded him as his "son." Their words ring all too true for any pet owner who has had to say goodbye to their beloved family member. And by celebrating his life, hopefully this will help Lovato and Valderrama heal, but also allow Spawn's memory to live on, even after he is gone.

R.I.P. Spawn.