A 'HP' Fan Created A Cupboard Under The Stairs

A woman in Pennsylvania has done something that should make her a hero to us all. It all started out innocently enough. Courtney Bonnet, a children's librarian and unrecognized genius, moved into a new home that happened to have a cupboard under the stairs. Instead of using the cupboard for cleaning supplies, kitty litter, or a storage space, she decided to turn it into the cupboard under the stars from Harry Potter. I repeat: seeing a cupboard under the stairs, her first thought was of Harry Potter's first mailing address: The Cupboard Under The Stairs, 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey. Bless.

When Bonnet initially toured the home at an open house with her husband, she was mostly unimpressed save for the cupboard. However, Mr. Bonnet loved the house, so their realtor took them on a second tour of the space. After some convincing from her hubby, Bonnet agreed to buy the house if she could decorate the cupboard under the stairs in an homage to a young cupboard-bound Harry Potter. She made the decision because she is a huge lover of children reading, and, as she told Buzzfeed, "what kid wouldn't want their own secret room?" Forget children; what adult wouldn't want their own secret room? In this guide, and with the help of Courtney Bonnet, I will divulge how you to can Harry Potter-ify your room. It will be magical.

1. Make A Cool Wallpaper With Old Books

Bonnet used an old (and previously destroyed) Harry Potter book to design the walls. While it won't be as easy for you to find that sort of thing, as you're probably not a librarian, you can always check thrift stores and improvise.

2. Keep An Old Chest For Storage

Bonnet used something that looks like it came from a bookstore and is Harry Potter themed. Which is great and all, but I say find yourself a cool chest from a thrift store. Or you can just go to Target and grab yourself a chest for $69.99.

3. Hang Harry Potter Posters On The Walls

If you have any old movie posters or fan art, now is the time to hang them loud and proud. I suggest framing any posters, for a look that says, "I read and frequent craft stores." You can grab posters on Amazon for as low as $5.

4. Add Some Comfy Pillows

Get yourself some fun throw pillows. Make sure to use the colors of your Hogwarts house. All hail Hufflepuff, a house decision by Pottermore that has taken me quite some time to come to terms with. For my fellow Puffs out there, I found some subtle Hufflepillows on LookHuman.com.

5. Don't forget Stuffed Animals

A stuffed Hedwig or Crookshanks is the perfect snuggle buddy for reading in a cupboard in the attic. You can grab this extra large Hedwig plush at The Harry Potter Shop for $26.75

6. Add Some Flair With Colored Light Bulbs

Get yourself a lightbulb in a fun color like red or blue to add some intrigue and mystery. If you want to get really craz,y you can get a color-changing lightbulb at Lowe's for $11.50.

7. Get A "Wizards Only" Sign

I'm completely yanking this one from Courtney Bonnet's brain. This sign is perfect to put on the door of your Harry Potter room. I found a similar sign on Etsy for only $3.38. You have to print the PDF yourself, but that only gives you more creative freedom.

So there you have it! Now, hop to it, and get that Harry Potter room up and bouncing. Reading will never be the same again. Or, if I'm being more honest with myself, scrolling my Facebook timeline — which is the reading I do now — will never be the same again.

Images: Giphy, CourtneyMcCarraherBonnet/Facebook, Target, Amazon, LookHuman, The Harry Potter Shop, Lowe's, Etsy