CNN Anchor Poppy Harlow Faints On Live TV

During a broadcast about American public opinion over the War on Terror, CNN anchor Poppy Harlow passed out on air, live. It was a brief but terrifying moment. Though Harlow was not on screen at the time — a graphic was being shown — you could clearly hear her having issues speaking. As she discussed a new poll which indicated that 74 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with how things are going in the fight against terrorism, Harlow's speech slowed and then became slurred. CNN employees could be heard talking in the background, there was a deep breath, and then Harlow was silent. Soon after, though, she reappeared on air to let everyone know that she was fine.

Harlow, who is six months pregnant with her first child with husband Sinisa Babcic, said, "For all of you on Twitter who are asking if I'm OK, thank you so much. I got a little hot and I passed out for a moment. I am fine." The Newsroom Weekend anchor later also wrote on Twitter that she was with the doctor and that her baby girl, who is due this spring, is doing fine as well. "Was a scare but we are both ok," she Tweeted.