Yes, There's A Donald Trump Christmas Tree

by Stephanie Casella

The world cannot escape "The Donald," and in an unexpected twist of events, some people really just wanted him around for the holidays. Lila Osterkamp, a St. Clair, Missouri, resident has created a Donald Trump Christmas tree, and given that Trump was as equally popular as Pope Francis in 2015 — Gallup released its annual poll ranking the most admired men in the world and found Donald Trump tied for second with the pontiff — it isn't difficult to imagine why a person might theme an entire holiday around the real estate mogul-turned television personality-turned politician.

Don't feel intimidated when the confusing majesty that is this tree illuminates your screen. It will feel unfamiliar at first, but soon, every viewer's eyes grow to recognize it as a horticultural expression of undying love. While Trump wouldn't be the person I'd personally choose to enshrine in pine needles, I almost admire this woman's uncanny devotion to the celebrity politician.

The large cardboard cut-out of Trump really shows she meant business when she made this display. One may not agree with this woman's politics, but the world cannot deny her sheer dedication. Could this have any relation to Trump's war on the "war on Christmas?"

Without further ado, here is the Donald Trump Christmas tree:

Osterkamp did explain her Christmas beliefs in an interview with the St. Louis Dispatch from 2010:

If I could, I would change my name to Lula Belle Claus. Everyone sees Santa, but never Mrs. Claus. I don't know why I love Christmas so much, but I try to hold it in my heart all year long.

"Why create this tree?" some may ask, but the superior question is, "Why not?"

Naturally, Ann Coulter was the person to retweet this piece of political art. Is this the political cartoon of the 2010s? Have we surpassed paintings, drawings, and even sculpture in favor of garden art? Lila Osterkamp, of St. Clair, Missouri, aka the woman behind the art, is likely the woman with the answers. If she's too busy, Ann Coulter might serve as a proper substitute.