Firefighter Proposes To Teacher In Front Of Class

It was a special day at school for kindergarten teacher Natalie Moy, but not for the reasons she thought. A few days ago, her boyfriend David Royael, a New York City firefighter, hatched a plan to propose to the teacher in front of her class, and had the perfect excuse when he was scheduled to come in and give a fire safety lesson to her students. As it turns out, the kids learned a thing or two about firefighting uniforms and safety precautions, but also what it means to do something completely romantic. When he proposed during the lesson he left the kids squealing and screaming with happiness.

According to Frank Dwyer, David's coworker at the FDNY, Royael came to his (now) fiancée's school on the last day before the holiday break to give a lesson to the kids (and let's be honest, just seeing a real live firefighter would be enough to make any five-year-old's day). "At the end of the lesson, he asked the kids if they wanted to see their teacher put on his bunker gear," Dwyer told Gothamist. They did, and once Natalie was all dressed up, she realized that there was a box tucked into one of the gloves.

Like clockwork, Royael then dropped to his knee and proposed to her, and was met not only with Natalie's tears and joy, but a whole classroom full of squealing, screaming and clapping. Between wearing her husband-to-be's gear, having all her kids around her to celebrate the special moment, and of course, capturing it all on video, it's sure to be one of the cutest engagements to ever hit the web.

Check it out here:

Images: YouTube