The Most Popular Starbucks Holidays Drinks

The end of Christmas marks the beginning of the end for the Starbucks Red Cup Season. No longer will I be able to indulge in my weekly Skinny Peppermint Mocha decked out in a festive, holiday-themed recepaicle! Alas, alas! So, in honor of the end of the holidays (because we may as well send it out with a proverbial bang), here are the most popular Starbucks holiday drinks by region. Because nothing says the holidays like Starbucks red cups, and the red cups will soon be going away, and now I have to wait a whole year for happiness to return. Am I being too dramatic about this? Maybe. I don't care. It's a big deal. I, like so many others, love those red cups.

Honestly, these "most popular by region" lists are always surprising for me, mostly because I only ever drink, like, two things at Starbucks. (I'm a creature of habit.) As such, the idea that an entire region — a region I have spent the majority of my life residing in — is really, collectively amped up about the Caramel Brulee Latte, which I did not know even existed, is somewhat shocking to me. It makes me question so many things, mostly about my own perceptions of the world.

Personal identity crises aside, this map that Starbucks created is pretty cool. In addition to identifying the most popular drinks by region, they've also taken a look at a a select number of individual states that tend to cultivate their own specific culture (I'm looking at you, Texas).

Here are the top picks for four major regions in the United States and the backstories behind the drinks; scroll down to check out the full map. Do you agree with your home location's seasonal beverage of choice? Or do you buck the trend?

1. The Pacific Northwest: Eggnog Latte

The choice drank for PDXers, who have a lot of gloomy rain to contend with on the reg, is the Eggnog Latte. This classic eggnog and espresso combo has gained an intense fan following on the West Coast since debuting in 1986, so much so that in 2014, plans to drop the drink from the menu were scrapped after fans rallied for its return. Nuts for that nutmeg, amirite?

2. The Midwest: Caramel Brulée Latte

As a lifelong Midwesterner, I have never, ever had a Caramel Brulée Latte (but then again, I also hate Ranch Dressing, so honestly I'm just waiting for the day when they revoke my "Authentic Midwesterner" card). This seasonal bev comes topped with crunchy caramel pieces, which sound delicious and are absolutely pronounced "car-mel."

3. The Mid-Atlantic and Southeast: Gingerbread Latte

Southern belles and Steelers fans alike are all about that Gingerbread Latte, whose new and improved recipe debuted in 2013. Described by Starbucks as "sweet and spicy," this classic drink is most popular where tradition reigns. Makes sense. I feel you guys.

4. The Northeast: Holiday Spice Flat White

Per usual, the Northeast needed to have the most sophisticated of holiday beverage preferences. The Holiday Spice Flat White debuted this year, and boy, did Starbucks go all out: "Smooth ristretto shots" and "perfectly steamed micro-foam" with "warm holiday spices" combine together to make a drink worth writing home about.

Check out the full, very cute map below. Where do you fit in?

Images: Starbucks (6); Giphy