What Is 'Instagram Best Nine?'

Is your Instagram feed quickly filling up with #BestNine collages? Yeah, me too. Are you a little confused about what Instagram Best Nine is? Yeah, me too. The good news is, I have answers: Best Nine, a website that reveals your top Instagram photos from 2015, has exploded across social media over the past 24 hours, and seemingly overnight, virtually everyone with an IG handle has hopped onboard.

I should probably clarify what I mean by "top photos." Best Nine will scour your Instagram account and create a collage from the nine photos that received the most likes in 2015 from all your millions (or in my case, tens) of fans. Which, honestly, is why most of us are involved in social media, whether we want to admit it or not.

Not only is Best Nine a great way to reminisce about your year, but if you're at all invested in growing your "brand," it's a window into what other people find interesting, entertaining, or just cool about you. Most of my Best Nine are photos in which I broadcast just how much of a mess I am, so... that's certainly telling. Thanks, guys. Means a lot.

For the curious, here's what my #BestNine collage looks like:

In addition to your top nine photos, Best Nine will tell you the cumulative number of likes your pics have received. I do not want to look at my number, because regardless of what it is, it will be pathetic next to Kylie Kardashian's plus-one billion likes (no, seriously, she went over one billion).

Kylie is not the only heavy hitter in terms of IG likes. Best Nine has created a Top 10 gallery for celebrity Instagram users, and it's... it's insane, guys. Taylor Swift, the most followed person on Instagram, averaged 1,366,120 likes per photo. PER. PHOTO. This is what being famous in 2015 looks like.

Interested? Of course you are. Head to over to, enter your IG handle, and TA-DA - your very own #BestNine, ego-boosting grid. Just be prepared to wait an average of 10 minutes because the demand is Too Damn High! But actually, though, the servers are slammed. Happy 'gramming!

Images: Maddy Foley/Instagram