Fashion Has Evolved A Lot Since 1915

Mode has released another of the ever popular fashion evolution videos but, this time it's a battle of the sexes. "100 Years of Men's and Women's Fashion" guides you through some of the best and worst trends of the past century — with fitting musical cues and hot models — from tuxedo shoes and denim rompers to embellished jeans. It's all there!

I personally like the early '00s and the '40s as good style alternatives to present-day fashion cues. However, that may or may not have something to do with my obsession with Jimmy Stewart movies and TV shows like The O.C. or Veronica Mars. I'm also happy that the '70s brought us Chuck Taylor Converse and leather jacket trends. That being said, I'd say we as a whole are much better off now than we were just a decade ago. Fits and cuts are vastly improved to suit a wide variety of tastes, and personal style is not dictated as much by societal conventions.

However, the evolution of fashion is fascinating and every fashionista worth her salt should know her roots. I'm just happy that women can wear pants — even yoga pants — nowadays. So, in the hopes of educating for the greater good, here is men and women’s fashion from 1915 to present day. Who knows? Maybe this will inspire you to adopt some trends you had never thought of previously!

1. 1915

I love the feather on the hat, but on behalf of women everywhere I think we're all happy to say that this dress style has died and will not be resurrected. Also, big ups to Sibyl on Downton Abbey season one. I'd have to say this is a win in the male column.

2. 1925

Yes to Wilde, and flappers, and dancing, but no to bucket hats. However, this man's whole outfit just doesn't do it. Women of 1925 win.

3. 1935

This is a close call. I'd say that the men have made the most improvement in style here, but it depends on if you like the rat pack and Sammy Davis. I'd say the men win for overall fit and style, but the women win for silhouette.

4. 1945

Women win. Hands down. Look at how cute and professional she is! The wide leg khakis, sweater vest, and hat aren't doing him any favors.

5. 1955

And then, boom a complete style overhaul. This is the era of the greasers and Sandy Olsen. Women were more colorful, while men were more casual and experimental. But, in their defense, a leather jacket looks good. I'd say this is a win for Danny Zuko.

6. 1965

This mustard color beatnik outfit needs to be destroyed, no matter how hot the model is. The hot pink dress, on the other hand, is Mad Menchic in the best way.

7. 1975

Jeans, paisley, flower children, and turtleneck sweaters make the '70s pretty darn memorable in fashion history. Additionally, we see the beginning of suede fringe and oversized glasses. However, comparing and contrasting fairly, I'd say the women rock the all jean trend in this decade.

8. 1985

Oof, just overall. We all kind of struck out in the '80s. Seriously, who thought that big crimped hair and mullets were a good idea? My mom's closet still haunts me at night. I'd say this is a draw.

9. 1995

Women were much more grunge adventurous in the '90s. We win. Sorry, not sorry.

10. 2005

I'm a little bit biased because I'm obsessed with early '00s CW television, but I think that this was a big step in the right direction for both men and women. Jeans were certainly better.

11. 2015

Fit, form, style, and use of color have gotten better and more minimalist. Clothing is more functional in all types of weather. However, that is not to say we are not adventurous with our style. It's, in fact, quite the contrary as evidenced by every fashion week. In the comparison between the two looks pictured here, I'd say Mr. Model wins. His facial hair has gotten so much better over the years, and he pulls off the all-jean look much better than he did in the '70s.

So, what's the final tally? Women win 5-4. It could have been a tie if the '80s weren't as horrendous as they were. It's fun to watch John Hughes movies, but not as fun to recreate all blue eyeshadow looks with scrunchies. Both women and men's fashion is much better off now than it was only a few years ago. We'll see what 2016 has in store for us very soon!

Happy New Year!

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