Teen's Moving Video Takes Power Back From Bullies

YouTuber and daily hero Lauren Brocious released a video about the harmfulness of labels. The video is a poignant reminder that while sticks and stones can break your bones, names can also hurt you. Sitting in her gorgeously pink bedroom, Lauren's voice over explains exactly how painful name calling can be to a person, and as she speaks, she draws with a black pencil across her face. Nasty words like "ugly", "loser", "trash" and "stupid" begin to take over her face and if you've ever been called a name, you might start welling up with empathy. Even more so if you've also called someone a name.

But Lauren's message is a positive one, and as she preaches self love, she wipes her face clean. Fresh-faced and smiling, Lauren talks about how learning to love yourself if the only way to overcome the maliciousness that sometimes comes at us, uninvited. With that confidence, she begins writing new words on her face, like "happy" and "love" and other positive things. The message is clear: the best armor you can have is self love. For a young girl, Lauren has a lot of wisdom to share on self love, so here's some of that wisdom to rub off on you:

1. "We Start To Believe What Other People Say About Us And Forget Who We Are"

2. "Eventually Those Words Tear Us Down"

3. "But What If Instead We Started Wiping Away Those Labels That People Gave Us?"

4. "We Are All The Wonderful Things We've Done And All The Wonderful Thing We Are"

5. "When We Start To Love Ourselves Those Negative Things People Say About Us Will Become Irrelevant"

Watch the full inspiring video here:

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