8 Plus-Size Celebrities We're Stealing Confidence-Boosting Fashion Tips From

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I remember watching Gilmore Girls years ago and looking up to Melissa McCarthy (Sookie St. James!) as one of the only fuller-figured role models in the spotlight. Today, there are quite a few more curvaceous celebs out there, and it's a boost of confidence to watch them rule. Women like Adele, Gabourey Sidibe, Amber Riley, and Lena Dunham have made names for themselves based on incredible talent, but also inspirational poise.

Having a fuller-figure figure in today's culture isn't easy, let alone in Hollywood when everyone is looking at your every move — and, subsequently, your every pound. But women like these have been bold. They've showed off their shapes and highlighted that women with these bodies are sexy, gorgeous, and can rock any of the plus-size fashion no-nos loads of fashion writers have decried. These 8 celebs make fashion statements, and aren't afraid to show off the shapes that we're often told should be a source of shame. And we can all take a tip or two from them in both the style and the confidence departments.

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