How A Colored Coat Can Brighten Up Your Winter

As a New Yorker, wearing black is practically ingrained in my DNA. It's no muss, no fuss, and goes with pretty much everything. But I do have one exception: colored coats. The winter is dreary enough, with constant grey skies and wind strong enough to physically push me down the streets. Sometimes, you just need a little sign of life. Enter: the colored coat, which constantly reminds me that spring is just a few months away.

Ok, so we've basically been having the mildest winter to date, and just last week, it was actually 60 degrees. On Christmas, I wore a t-shirt outside (maybe it was the fever I had, but I've got an inkling it's more likely global warming). Insane, right? But when that cold weather does hit (and trust me, it will), I'll be pulling out my camel and green coats. The other bright side (no pun intended) of a colored coat is that, in a city filled with nearly 8.5 million people, you're immediately easier to spot.

Thanks to the (literal) princess Kate Middleton we've seen just how chic and adult a colored coat can actually look. One of the reasons people tend to stay away from them is the fear of looking juvenile. Leave it to Duchess Kate to prove us dead wrong. Has anyone ever looked as chic as she does in this gorgeous green hat and coat ensemble? The answer is no.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just a few tips before splurging on that coat, though. As Kate has so graciously showed us, the best way to keep it looking sophisticated and elegant is pairing it with like-hues (identical, in her case). I love a good monochromatic look, and if you're going with a coat in a bolder color (think: reds, bright greens, pastels), try to keep the rest of your look in neutrals (read: black).

As we all know, an outfit works best when there's not too many statement pieces fighting for attention. So, if your coat is your statement piece, keep the rest of your look pretty minimal. Though, if you're one for the clash, go for it! Just remember, what happens when they're too many cooks in the kitchen? You get my point.

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Also, it's important to consider what you already have in your wardrobe. Take a little inventory and see which colors you mostly wear, and go from there. Got a lot of grey pieces? Then maybe lilac or blue are the colors for you.

Timur Emek/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Or maybe blush pink.

Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But if you wear a lot of reds naturally, then camel may be the perfect hue.

Levent Kulu/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When styled correctly, though, a colored can be so chic, no matter the shade. Below, find some of my favorites that'll definitely make their way into my wardrobe (sorry, paycheck).

1. Burgundy

Gal Who Shagged Me Faux Fur Coat, $118, Nasty Gal

Love how this is styled with thigh-highs and that royal blue dress. It's all about balance!

2. The Bright Red Parka

ASOS CURVE Junarose Padded Parka With Fur Trim, $135, ASOS

Just because it's snowing like crazy outside, doesn't mean you can't stand out!

3. The Classic Camel

Babaton Jacoby Coat, $295, Aritzia

Because honestly, what doesn't go with camel?

4. The Tweed

Sharmin Faruque Tweed Green Blue Coat, $79, shoptiques

Why not go with two colors?

5. The Sky Blue

Missguided Plus Size Longline Crepe Mac Light Blue, $31, Missguided

You probably won't be wearing sandals in the winter, but I'm in love with the pretty light blue color of this coat.

6. Pretty In Pink

Romwe Lapel Double Breasted Woolen Pink Coat, $106, Romwe

This coat looks like cotton candy. How could you not love it?

7. The Deep Blue

Plus Size Tab Wool-Blend Coat, $140, Mango

Royal blue makes you look...well...royal! Love it with the grey turtleneck and trousers.

8. Canary Yellow

Express Textured Cocoon Coat, $198, Express

This is most definitely a statement. A nod to sophisticated Big Bird.

9. Gorgeous Orange

ASOS Coat With 70s Collar, $60, ASOS

This burnt orange color epitomizes fall/winter in the best way.

10. Winter White

J.Crew Double-Cloth Collarless Coat, $280, J.Crew

Good luck not spilling anything on it. May the odds be ever in your favor.

11. Pastel Lover's Dream

Ledbury Pea Coat, $258, Bodenusa

Love how this is styled with blush pinks and nude.

As someone who's actually afraid to wear colors, wearing a colored coat totally puts me out of my comfort zone. But its in the exploring of different realms of style that you actually grow. Join me, why don't you?

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