George Pataki Won't Want To Read Twitter Today

Sometimes Twitter cuts deep. On Tuesday, former New York Gov. George Pataki dropped out of the presidential race. He'd been upstaged by just about all the other candidates — particularly the real estate mogul who's also from the Empire State, Donald Trump. It must be bad enough to give up a bid for the presidency — however unlikely — without having to put up with a bunch of smart alecks on social media.

No one is shocked. Plenty of the jokes revolve around the surprise that he was still in the race to begin with. He was polling at zero percent in the last five national GOP surveys. In New Hampshire, the same. All-important Iowa was nearly as bad, as he averaged 0.3 percent over the last six polls there. Eric Bartoszak, a self-described conservative Catholic from the "U.S.A." (just like Pataki) tweeted: "*googles "Who is George Pataki ?"*"

The Boston Globe 's James Pindell broke the news on Twitter. His "scoop" tweet has 49 likes, although we probably must assume that people are liking his reporting chops and not Pataki's failure to connect with American voters. Pataki had an uphill climb; he hadn't held office since 2007, and his name recognition was low. Due to his polling numbers, he didn't even make some of the undercard debates. Maybe people will remember him thanks to Twitter, should he decide to run again in 2020.

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It's definitely time for more Republican presidential candidates to drop out. No bumping of heads required, though. Best of luck, Gov. Pataki, on whatever's next.