7 Funny Moments From The Pataki Campaign

Former New York governor George Pataki dropped out of the presidential race Tuesday, seven months after announcing his campaign in New Hampshire. Although not many people were crushed by his exit, some might be mourning the loss of his weirdly funny campaign. Pataki didn't make much of a splash during the race — he never polled above 3 percent nationally, was relegated to the kids' table in every debate in which he participated, and failed to qualify for the November debate at all. He made a reappearance in the December debate, which indicated that his numbers might be keeping him in the game by the skin of his teeth. But just two weeks later, he's decided to call it quits.

Pataki’s campaign was basically the incarnation of the sad trombone sound effect, but he did manage to stay on message most of the time, speaking moderately and intelligently about immigration reform and staying tough on cybercrime. In an election season that has sometimes felt like a season of The Real Housewives, Pataki was trying to keep the focus on politics. But that doesn’t mean that his campaign didn’t produce some hilarious moments of its own. Check out the best moments from his valiant run for president.

When He Gave That Netflix And Chill Look

A few minutes into his presidential campaign announcement speech, Pataki gave America this flirtatious look. Send this to your crush with no context.

When He Pissed Off Lindsey Graham

Pataki's response to a question about information privacy during the December debate clearly infuriated Graham, producing one of the best reaction GIFs of all time. For this, the Internet is eternally grateful, George.

When He Roasted Donald Trump

Pataki went off on Trump's business record with Atlantic City casinos in a clip fit for a Comedy Central roast.

When He Roasted Donald Trump ... Again

Trump's bombastic, rage-enducing rhetoric during his campaign has made him an easy and popular target, and Pataki didn't hesitate to take aim at him. This scored him some laughs and retweets, but it wasn't enough to keep his campaign going.

When He Accidentally Called Trump "President"

In one of the biggest debate gaffes of the season so far, Pataki actually slipped up and referred to Trump as the president. Can you say "whoops"?

When He Said He Was Too Cool For The Undercard Debate

Pataki didn't make it into the fourth undercard debate, and told USA Today's Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page that he probably wouldn't even watch. It was a little like saying he didn't really want to go to a party that he wasn't invited to, but it gave the country a good laugh.

When He Said He'd Fire Kim Davis

Back when the Kim Davis story was firing up the nation and some other GOP candidates were bringing her to their rallies, Pataki slammed the Kentucky county clerk for failing to do her job.

And as a bonus, exactly seven months later, this tweet is still perfectly accurate.

Images: Giphy, MakeAGif