RIP Most Metal Farm Animal To Have Ever Moshed

Say it isn't so! Bisquette, the Internet-famous grindcore-loving goat has passed away. A few years back, a photo of dear Bisquette getting face-meltingly metal with Singapore's Wormrot made its rotation on the Interwebs and the goat became a viral sensation. She lived on a French farm called Mauriac, which also serves as a DIY underground music venue.

Bisquette's love of grindcore and metal isn't actually the most metal thing about the late goat. She in fact escaped a slaughterhouse and found her way to Mauriac. Her favorite food also happened to be tobacco. In an interview with Jeremy Gordon at Vice's Noisey, a friend of the Mauriac named Flo noted that at the shows, "When there were lots of people, it was above all a chance to go steal a little tobacco!" Grind Goat was more hardcore than any axe-wielding screamer on stage. (Though I don't imagine that tobacco is the healthiest diet for a goat...)

Over the years she was seen shredding and standing at the feet of touring bands at almost every show. Some visiting bands and audiences worried that Bisquette's presence at the show was in some way cruel. But apparently, the goat always attended by choice. Flo noted, “If she wanted to leave from in front of the stage, she would have done it all by herself!” Bisquette loved the scene, and the scene loved her back.

RIP Grind Goat. Here's to a lot of tattoos soon to be inked in your honor.

Image: Pourmecoffee/Twitter