8 TV Alternatives To The New Year's Eve Specials

Is it me or did 2015 totally fly by? Instead of focusing on the fact that I, uh, didn't exactly meet all my New Year's resolutions, I'm going to think about the future. And, since planning ahead isn't really my forte, that really just means that I'm thinking about New Year's Eve plans. An early morning flight on Jan. 1 means that it would be unwise for me to party it up on New Year's Eve, but who am I kidding? Flight or no flight, I'd totally prefer to be at home with a few close friends, snacking, and (of course) watching some quality TV. But I have to be honest — watching the ball drop in Times Square isn't my cup of tea. If you feel the same way, you're probably wondering what's on TV on New Year's Eve besides the specials.

You needn't worry — there are plenty of options. Whether you want to watch drunk people talk about historical events, enjoy a throwback to some of the best 1980s movies, or binge watch Sex and the City for the umpteenth time, TV has got us covered. Here are eight fabulous marathons to watch as 2016 arrives:

1. Drunk History Marathon (Comedy Central)

If you've never watched an extremely inebriated individual explain historical events while actors lip sync the dialogue, you're totally missing out. Luckily, Comedy Central has an all-day marathon of Drunk History starting at 2 p.m. and lasting until the early morning hours of Jan. 1. Plus, this show is totally educational — even if the narrators frequently slur their words.

2. 1980s Movie Marathon (VH1)

If you love 1980s movies, tune into VH1 — they're showing the classics. The marathon kicks off with Big at 5:30 p.m., followed by Goonies, The Breakfast Club, and Sixteen Candles. I wasn't even around in the '80s and this lineup somehow manages to make me feel nostalgic.

3. Movie Marathon (FX)

FX's movie marathon will keep you in stitches all evening. It starts at 6 p.m with Hangover Part II, followed by Horrible Bosses and Ted. If you want to kick off 2016 with lots of laughter, tune into FX.

4. Keeping Up With The Kardashians Marathon (E!)

Even if you've religiously kept up with the Kardashian clan all year, a reality show marathon is always a good idea. The most dedicated fans can start watching the drama bright and early — E!'s marathon begins at 8:30 a.m. It's followed by back-to-back airings of Superbad at 8:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

5. The Walking Dead Marathon (AMC)

If you want to ring in 2016 with zombies, you're in luck. The Walking Dead will be airing all day and night on AMC, and the marathon continues until Jan. 2.

6. Sex And The City Marathon (Oxygen Network)

The Oxygen Network's Sex and the City marathon kicks off at 6 p.m. Don't forget to make some Cosmpolitans — you should definitely sip on their favorite drink while you watch the adventures of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha.

7. Twilight Zone Marathon (Syfy)

During Syfy's epic Twilight Zone marathon, all 156 episodes will be shown. Check out this guide so you can make sure you catch your favorites — because five days of back-to-back episodes gives the term "TV marathon" a whole new meaning.

8. Movie Marathon (ABC Family)

ABC Family, have I told you lately that I love you? And, no, it's not just because you're the network that brought us Pretty Little Liars. We can always count on ABC Family to show us some of our childhood favorites, and New Year's Eve is no exception. The movie marathon begins with Freaky Friday at 6:45 p.m., followed by Enchanted and The Princess Diaries 2.

So, if you want to stay in on New Year's Eve, you'll have no shortage of fun TV shows and movies to watch. Happy 2016 — and happy viewing!

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