These Stunning Images Were Made On An iPhone

These days, all you really need to showcase your inner artist or photographer is a smartphone, and Apple is ready to guide you through all the ins and outs of your handy devices. This week, the tech company launched the second edition of its Start Something New campaign, which highlights artists and their works that were created using Apple products and various apps. These amazing images by Apple users will definitely bring out the Picasso or Dalí in you.

Eleven artists from around the world are currently being showcased in a gallery on Apple's website, and their works will also be featured in retail stores. Apple products used range from the classic iMac to the ubiquitous iPhone and the newly introduced Apple Pencil. The campaign is a good complement to those "Shot on iPhone 6" billboards you've seen everywhere, which feature stunning photos that were, well, shot on the iPhone 6. Apple is also going to host two workshops in its retail stores to show users just how much their creative juices can flow with its products. For New Yorkers, Apple is hosting a special event on Jan. 7 at its store on West 14th Street.

Seriously, these pieces are insanely beautiful, and honestly put my simple photo filters to shame. Check out some of the Apple artists below and get inspired.

For this surreal rose, Kahori Maki of Japan takes an iPhone photo of the flower and then uses the Procreate painting app to add new colors and depths.

Bernhard Lang of Germany explores a new vantage by putting his iPhone 6s Plus on a helicopter and taking bird's eye photos of different locations. He later Photoshops his aerial images to create images that are both grand and minuscule.

Darren Pearson of the United States uses a handheld light to create fun LED-like characters and scenes with long-exposure photos on his iPhone 6s Plus.

A former big-time professional skateboarder, Brian Lotti of the United States reimagines Los Angeles using a digital paintbrush and his iPad Air 2.

With his iPad Air 2 and Pencil by FiftyThree, Lieu Nguyen of Vietnam uses a pointillism technique to create an abstract cherry blossom tree.

You can see the other Apple artists' works here, and find out more about how they created their awesome pieces. That should motivate you to go out in the world and start something new.