15 Cute Sports Bras That Will Get You Motivated At The Gym (Or Keep You Lookin' Cute At Brunch) — PHOTOS

I've been part of a gym for about eight months now, and I'd say that I've successfully gone for three, maybe. The struggle is real, but I'm thinking the trick is to invest in some cute sports bras to kick up my motivation. I mean, what got me to sign up for the gym in the first place was picking up a cool pair of sneakers and tricking myself into thinking I'd actually go.

At this point, the only way I'll go back to the gym is if someone takes my hand and forces me to walk there, makes me run on the treadmill, and watches me intensely as I lift some (baby) weights. My last savior is finding something cute that I just have to wear to the gym. Cue: the sports bras. And today, there's so many cool ones out there that I can even see myself wearing to brunch or even work!

With athleisure basically ruling 2015, it's more and more common to see people rocking the same thing to lunch as they would to the gym. Joggers have basically become the norm — I've definitely worn my Free Runs with a blazer and black trousers. Essentially, the line between work and play has pretty much blurred, which means ultimate comfort for all of us, and that, I definitely won't complain about.

So in honor of 2016 and my New Year's resolution of "gym-ing" more, here are 15 cute sports bras that'll definitely get you motivated — or at the very least, keep you cute and comfortable at brunch.

1. A Little Leopard Print

Varley Rose Leopard Palisades Sports Bra, $70, avenue32.com

With a black mesh top over it? Too cool.

2. Strappy & Sassy

Criss Cross Sports Bra, $24, humblechic.com

With a loose tank, this is the perfect bra to transition between yoga and lunch.

3. The '80s Throwback

Forever 21 High Impact Heathered Ombre-Paneled Sports Bra, $14.90, forever21.com

If you're a lover of all things neon, this one's for you.

4. Mesh Paneling

Varley Terri Sports Bra With Mesh Panel, $60, bergdorfgoodman.com

You can't deny that you want this bra in your workout/brunch ensemble.

5. Pretty Cutouts

Missguided Active Cross Back Sports Bra Monochrome, $20.40, missguidedus.com

If your dresses, tops, and skirts can have cutouts, why can't your bra?!

6. XXX

Heroine Sport X-Front Printed Sports Bra, $110, bergdorfgoodman.com

OK, seriously, this bra is a work of art.

7. Colorblock

Alo Zena Bra, $60, aloyoga.com

Color blocking is always a good idea, and this bra proves just that.

8. Pretty Florals

Live The Process Seamless Grid Bra, $130, dianiboutique.com

Though this one's all about flowers, the blacks, greys, and greens keep it from feeling too girly.

9. Textured Beauty

Vimmia Aliegro Sports Bra, $92, revolveclothing.com

It's all about the details, and if you look closely enough, you'll see the gorgeous texture on this badass bra.

10. Crop Top

Free People Bonita Bra, $58, freepeople.com

This may be a more low-impact bra, for yoga or pilates, but it pretty much doubles as a cute crop for summer days.

11. The Classic

Nike Pro Indy Dri-Fit Sports Bra, $45, shop.nordstrom.com

Because sometimes, minimal is best.

12. Front Zip

C9 Champion Women's Plus Size Compression Zip Front Sports Bra, $15.40, target.com

Easy to put on and take off.

13. The Wild Print

Torrid Active Abstract Print Sports Bra, $38.50, torrid.com

Whether you're going on a hike, on a run, or to a weight-lifting class, you'll definitely be the edgiest one in the place.

14. Bringing Sexy Back

So Low Athletic Cut Out Sports Bra, $74, revolveclothing.com

Seriously, I'd wear this under a sheer white button up out to dinner.

15. A Serious Pop Of Color

Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra, $66, herroom.com

Serious support and serious style. Count me in.

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