8 Ways To Prepare For The First Big Snowfall

Figuring out how to prepare for snow is stressful, because, well snow is stressful. I’m not talking about cute little flakes settling on your nose and picture-perfect snow-capped mountains. I’m talking about heaping feet of snow locking you in your home and shutting down entire cities. You know, the kind of big snowfalls we all have a love-hate relationship with. We love the excuse not to have to go into work, but we hate the fact that we eventually have to dig our way out to return to the real world. This year, you’re going to feel a lot more love than hate, because I’m helping you with eight ways to prepare for the first big snowfall of the year.

Being unprepared for a snowstorm is the worst. I remember a mega-storm back in 2007 for which I was woefully unprepared. Since streaming wasn’t as good then, I had limited shows to watch, and missed my opportunity to hit the video store to stock up. This left me with four days being locked in the house with my family, with no way to escape endless rounds of Monopoly and lectures. Never. Again.

Since then, I’m always prepared for a huge snowfall, from food and supplies to having enough entertainment to help everyone in the house not go completely insane after a couple of days. No need to fear epic snow now, because you’ve got all you need right here.

1. Winterize your vehicle

Don’t forget to winterize your vehicle before the first big snow storm hits, or you’ll be paying dearly for it. Keep the gas tank full if you know a storm’s coming so the fuel line won’t freeze, and put some snow tires on, for gosh sake!

2. Insulate your home

You know that plastic stuff your parents used on all their windows during the winter? Yeah, that stuff actually comes in handy to keep out the cold air. Stock up on some now.

3. Keep the heat on (obviously)

Even if you're leaving for an extended period of time, keep the heat on, regardless of whether anyone will be staying at your home during your absence. Don’t set it lower than 55-60 degrees, or else you’ll come home to a world of problems.

4. Have an emergency supply kit

You never know when the storm of the century will hit, so have a first aid kit, water, food, flashlights, batteries, and any other supplies readily available. It’s better to get all those items together now, versus risking them being sold out when the storm starts rolling in. Be prepared so you can just hunker down and wait out the storm.

5. Stay updated

Don’t ignore the weatherman and think you have another hour to shop for some extra groceries. If a storm is rolling in fast, stay updated and don’t miss your window. No one wants to get stuck in the snow on the way home from the grocery store, just so you could have that extra juice.

6. Have a shovel and sand ready in your car

On the off chance you have a car that doesn’t do well in the snow, or you get stuck out in the storm at the worst possible moment, throw a shovel and some sand in the back of your car. They will work wonders to help you get yourself unstuck when there’s no one else around to help.

7. Prepare for a power outage

Charge up all those extra batteries and battery packs, because you might go without power for a bit if the storm is bad enough. Don’t forget to stock up on matches and candles, and grab the extra blankets from storage just in case you lose heat.

8. Stock up on snow removal equipment

We're talking shovels, a snow blower, rock salt, and sand to help with traction on icy walkways. Can you imagine trying to dig yourself out without any of these items? Don’t risk it, and remember to start shoveling away the snow buildup any chance you get. That stuff builds up fast, and getting ahead of it will save you in the long run.

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