How To Make Sure Your Coat Fits Correctly, Because That Is The Key To Warmth

How do you know if your winter coat fits you properly? A correctly sized topper is the key to warmth during the cold weather months, but it can be surprisingly difficult to find your perfect one. This winter I realized that I needed a new coat and lamented to my mother, who then spent the next few days finding a few options for me. We then found this awesome double-buttoned camel coat that looked like it was straight off of the runway. I was sold but needed to go make sure that it fit me.

I took a trip to the brand's store in SoHo and tried the maroon version that they had in my size. I determined that with the sleeves so short on my genetic monkey arms (Don't worry; she knows.), I might need to get the coat one size larger and called my mom to tell her. Flash forward to Christmas Day Eve when my brother, my parents, and I were opening presents. I was the luckiest girl in the world. My last present was what I had predicted it was: the camel coat. I unfolded the coat and put my arms in the sleeves.

Oof, the shoulders were too tight, the sleeves were too short, and my chest was too big for the coat to close right.

There is nothing worse than a coat that doesn't fit. This is especially true when you need it to keep you warm. Don't settle for something that doesn't fit well just because you think it's cool looking or trendy. Get something that fulfills all of your requirements for the first time ever. I know it's hard, but if you follow these few simple steps you can get the coat of your dreams.

1. Arms and Shoulder Fit Matters

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Can you raise and lower your arms comfortably? Can you roll your shoulders without thinking that you're going to rip out the seams of your coat? If so, good. The shoulder seam should match with the natural edge of your shoulders, according to The Chic Fashionista.

2. You Should Be Able To Close It


This is the whole point, right? Closing a coat keeps you warm. You can't just own a coat that never closes. The zipper shouldn't catch, and the buttons shouldn't be loosely attached. You also need to test this with chunky knits and multiple layers, according to YouLookFab. This is an imperative step. Size up if necessary. If it fits well, then it will look gucci.

3. It Should Be Good Looking


You should feel like Gigi Hadid struttin' down the runway in your winter coat. You should want to put on the coat and step outside. Make sure the coat is well-made, comfy, warm, et cetera. But, don't give up on what you want in terms of style and fashion. You need to love it, especially if you're investing in it. It needs to fit to form and be what you're looking for. Make sure you're going to want to wear it for a few years.

4. The Length Should Be As Reported


I always have a problem with length because I'm 6'0" but it could be the other way around! You'll want the style of coat to be the way that it's supposed to be: trenches are long and parkas are short. Additionally, sleeve length is very important. Don't settle for shorter sleeves because you like the style or know you'll layer. Come winter, you're going to want something that looks good everywhere, and you're definitely going to want more fabric covering your body. Plus, having awkwardly short sleeves makes it look like you borrowed that coat. Do you want that? I think not.

5. It Should Keep You Warm


Don't discount puffers because they make you feel like the Michelin Man! The whole point of outerwear is to keep you warm in the freezing cold. Brands like Patagonia and The North Face have sleek and super warm options that are a bit more substantial for those really low temps.

I hope these tips help to keep you cozy, comfy, and stylish! Good luck and happy hunting. Finding the perfect coat is like finding the Holy Grail!


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