30 Things You Notice When You Rewatch 'When Harry Met Sally'

I’ll readily admit that I’ve failed as a woman — and as a professional movie rewatcher — for waiting 24 years to see When Harry Met Sally. The Nora Ephron-penned film has been a longtime rom-com classic, and yet somehow circumstances never prompted me to pop the DVD in. Well, new year, new me, and all that jazz: Inspired by the hearsay of an epic NYE conclusion, I took the plunge. And I have to say, When Harry Met Sally takes a real look at relationships... but the setting of the film, as well as the era, makes for some hilarious moments.

In case you’ve never seen it too, the flick chronicles the 11-year relationship between Harry Burns and Sally Albright. They meet as combative travel partners, then as prickly acquaintances, and finally become friends until... well, they’re not. It’s glorious and great, but Meg Ryan especially shines here as the most adorable human being on the planet. Bonus points, because they try to cover up her adorableness by putting her in the veritable worst ‘80s fashion I’ve ever seen.

The movie’s worth watching for her boxy blazers alone.

Anyway, here is, chronologically documented, all the hilariously nonsensical things (but, like, in the best way possible) in the mostly perfect film, When Harry Met Sally.

1. This Oscar-Worthy Side-Eye

Girl, same.

2. Followed By This Incredulous Eye Bulge

All of the awards.

3. Shorts And Knee Socks?

Um, is she going to set up a tent with her fellow boy scouts?

4. "Men And Women Can't Be Friends Because The Sex Part Always Gets In The Way."

That's it. That's the entire movie. Great job, everyone, we can go home now.

5. "She Was Just As Beautiful As She Was At 16." "He Was Just The Same. He Looked Exactly The Same."

"The liver spots are what gave him away."

6. Those Are Like Master-Level Shoulder Pads

You can practically eat off them, they are that broad and majestic.

(judge-y face)



(Guys, I know it's Carrie Fisher.)

8. Anyway, She Breaks Out The Rolodex She Has On Hand

I guess in the late '80s, your friend's to-go rolodex was basically Tinder.

9. Sports, To Show That Men Are Talking

A subtle cinematic move to highlight the obvious differences between men and women. Men enjoy sports. Women enjoy having brunch by bodies of water and breaking out their to-go rolodexes. Everyone knows this.

10. This Is A Natural Way To Pose

I love breaking into the chicken dance mid-conversation, personally.

11. That Is A Half-Open Button-Up She's Wearing To The Gym

I expect nothing less at this point.

12. "Is That What You're Going To Wear?"

My thoughts in literally every scene.

13. How Exactly Does She Not Get Kicked Out During This Scene?

This is a family restaurant, ma'am.

14. Do I Even Need To Say It?

OK, fine, I want to chop off her ponytail because it makes me profoundly upset.

15. Legit Me Every New Year's Eve

Everyone's making out around me...

... and I'm with someone who looks like Billy Crystal. Every. Time.

19. "At That Moment I Knew. I Knew The Way You Know About A Good Melon."

Isn't that how we all judge whether it's true love or not?

20. "Why Is This Necessary In Life?"

Uh, one, how is this not necessary in life? And two, this isn't even close to the most ridiculous thing you've worn in the movie, Sally, OMG.

21. Anyway, They Start Singing Songs From Oklahoma!

Again, it makes no sense that they're not kicked out.

22. Their Respective BFFs Move In Together And Harry's All, " One Day You're Going To Be Screaming At Each Other About Who's Going To Get This Dish."

Really went full Miranda Hobbes in this scene, it's unpleasant to watch.

23. Accurate Picture Of What A Baby Looks Like

It almost jumps off the page.

24. Sally Starts Ugly Crying About How Her Hair Has Gone Full Labradoodle

Oh, and her ex-boyfriend is getting married, that too.

25. This Awkward Post-Coital Dinner

Amusing if only because in the era of Netflix and chill you can barely get a pre-coital dinner. It was a simpler time.

26. Harry Power-Walking In His Lululemons.


27. The Fact That They're Shouting Loudly About Their Sex Life In Front Of The Chicken Marsala


28. Do You Really Need A Mic To Sing Over The Telephone?

I don't...

29. Auld Lang Syne Plays And Harry's All, "What Does This Song Mean? For My Whole Life, I Don't Know What This Song Means."

And it's somehow the realest real in this entire goddamn movie.

30. And Finally, Harry And Sally Are On The Couch, With Sally Wearing Something Halfway Decent

Love really changes us all for the better, you know?

Happy New Year, everybody!

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