These Coats Are Perfect Wedding Guest Attire

Now that it's finally getting cold, you're probably wondering coat should you wear to your next wedding. Next August I will be attending my cousin's wedding; we have a small family so it's a very big deal for us. August is usually hot, but it's also getting closer to fall, so it's likely that temperatures will cool off and even be chilly in the evening at the reception. If you're going to an outdoor wedding, which I am, or a wedding in the winter, this could be a conundrum. If you're already wearing a dress and heels, you need some good outerwear to make sure you're not a popsicle at the end even if you're dancing the night away (although it's always nice to have someone there to warm you up).

However, sometimes the wrong coat or outerwear choice can ruin the fire dress you picked out. Don't settle for a blah topper! You should feel good in whatever you wear. What if the photographer decides to take a picture and you're caught unaware in your corduroy jacket from 2007? What if your jacket is the wrong color to pair with your slinky satin dress? What if it doesn't have pockets for the, erm, business cards you accrue?

Don't settle for something that plays down how amazing you look. Here are a few great choices for every season and every dress/suit/whatever.

1. A Leather Jacket

Madewell Leather Biker Jacket, $500, Net-A-Porter

Leather jackets never ever go out of style and a good leather jacket can last you a lifetime. Just ask my mom; she had her leather jacket for my entire lifetime. Plus, they edge up any outfit and are perfect for the in-between weather.

2. A Trench Coat

ASOS Classic Trench, $49, ASOS

Trenches are never going to go out of style. Belted trenches are nice because they cinch tight around the waist and don't add any extra bulk, so if you want to wear a puffy dress feel free! Additionally, if there's any rain or bad weather they are the perfect fashionable cover-up to keep you dry!

3. A Spicy Blazer

Rebecca Taylor Faux Leather Trim Tuxedo Blazer, $142, Nordstrom Rack

Blazers are great, but it's hard feeling like you're not going to the office. Add a little leather trim to spice things up and keep classy looking sexy.

4. A Camel Dream

Max Mara Manuel Camel Hair Wrap Coat, $2690, Saks Fifth Avenue

OK,, I know this is the Gigi Hadid Max Mara coat that everyone obsessed about. But, it's soooo pretty and, well, #YOCO (You Only Camel Once). Additionally, camel coats work with every color you could be wearing underneath.

5. A Color Statement

DKNY Bouclé Reefer Coat, $150, Nordstrom

Bright statement coats are perfect accents and especially make a statement at weddings. Wear something sparkly and matching heels/purses to pair!

6. A Perfect Sweater/Shawl

Skywalkers Knit Blanket Shawl, $169, Pendleton

I'm a sucker for Pendleton patterns and this sweater-shawl kills it in any weather. It's sure to make a statement along with your dress, and is perfect for fall weddings.

7. A Fur That No Animals Died For

Story Of Lola Midi Length Faux Fur Coat In Shaggy Long Hair Fur, $55, ASOS

Faux fur, especially pink faux fur, is at its height right now. Be fashionable, warm, and fluffy; everyone will want to cuddle up to you!

Good luck, fellow wedding goers. Remember that warm and stylish are not mutually exclusive! I'll be reading this article in seven months!

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