The One Thing You Need For A DIY Blowout Doesn't Cost A Dime

There's a reason blow dry bars are so popular — doing a DIY version is hard. But while the salon version will cost you cash, an at-home job costs only practice time. Aside from a blow dryer, of course, the one thing you need for a DIY blowout is tension.

Without tension, a blowout is just essentially just a regular old blow dry without the swish or sleek result. Sure, fancy blow dryers, serums, and brushes can help, but they won't do a thing if you're not creating tension in every section. If you neglect to pull the hair tight using your round brush, you'll end up with a fluffy, frizzy mess. No good, especially if you've spent your precious time on a quest for a blow dry bar dupe.

Of course, creating tension in every strand takes more time than just blow drying loose pieces of hair, but it's absolutely essential when it comes to getting the smooth and bouncy style you're after. It takes practice, but don't get frustrated and give up after a couple sub-par attempts — it's all part of the learning process, right? DIY-ing the perfect blowout is well worth the effort when you're finally granted the sophisticated style you've been sacrificing your arms for.

If you've never attempted an at-home blowout, check out this tutorial on how to do your own. It takes time, but you'll save cash and have the satisfaction of knowing that you didn't need a stylist to get hair this amazing.

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If you are looking to upgrade your blowout tools, here are four things to make your blowout even more incredible once you've got the whole tension thing down.

Ultra-Effective Blow Dryer

Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer, $195,

It's no surprise that Drybar's official blow dryer is a fan fave among DIY blowout devotees. It's got an extra powerful motor to speed the process along, plus it only weighs just over a pound. Your arms will than you.

Heat Protectant

Bumble and Bumble Straight Blow Dry, $30,

Even if you do master the at-home blowout, a smooth style always looks much better on healthy, protected locks. Keep your strands safe from heat damage witht his multi-tasking Bumble and Bumble product — it works especially well on coarse, frizz-prone hair.

Square Round Brush

Fromm 1907 Square Thermal Rounder Brush, $17.99,

It sounds like an oxymoron, but round brushes with squared-off edges are great for creating seamless volume in your blowout. Sure, a regular round brush will do the trick, too, but square versions are popping up at salons across the country by the day.

Finishing Spray

Blow Pro After Blow Strong Hold Finishing Spray, $19.75,

Brands are now making final-touch styling products specific to blowouts. NYC blowout bar Blow's finishing spray is a hairspray, a frizz controller, and a shine enhancer all in one (because you've spent too much time on the actual blowout to fuss over more than one product after all is said and done.)

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Images: Fotolia; Courtesy of brands