6 Split End Hair Hacks You Need To Try Now

I don't know about you, but split ends are basically the bane of my existence. I have pretty long hair, and nothing makes me more mad than looking down at my locks in the middle of the day and staring straight at a split end with not one, not two, but three tails. My terrible split ends aside, there are about nine million Pinterest pins out there all about how to prevent split ends, and to tell you the truth, I'm too overwhelmed to try any of them. However, these six split end hacks are simple enough to follow and will save you while you're waiting for your next trim.

There's a whole lot of research behind the science of split ends, but all I know is that they're majorly annoying. It seems like no matter how hard I try, I can't get rid of them for good. At some point, I think split ends are just a natural part of growing your hair out, and I've learned ways to deal with them as I've grown my hair out numerous times over the years.

The key to success with split ends is to remember one thing — you will never repair, reseal or rebind a split end. Once it splits, it's done for good. The only way to truly get rid of a split end is by trimming it off. These tips will help you prevent, (temporarily) repair, and trim your split ends all on your own.

1. Be Gentle On Your Hair, Especially When It's Wet

Styling Tool Paddle Brush, $15, E SalonSimiliar: Tangle Teezer, $12, Amazon

Your hair is much more fragile when it's wet, so combing it with a normal brush is going to lead to breakage and split ends. Brushes made with soft bristles, like eSalon's Styling Tool Paddle Brush, are specifically designed to be gentle on wet hair. I also swear by my wide-toothed comb and Tangle Teezer for gentle brushing.

2. Use A Satin Pillowcase

Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcase, $17, A mazon

Beauty editors swear by satin pillowcases for a reason — they're much better at keeping hair from tangling and breaking while you're sleeping. As a bonus, it's also better for your skin to sleep on a satin pillowcase.

3. Hydrate Your Ends Regularly

Tresemme Split Remedy, $11, A mazon

This leave-in conditioner is specifically formulated for split ends. Although the claims that it reseals split ends are most likely false, it's not a bad idea to treat your split ends with leave-in conditioner several times a week. Alternatively, a warm oil treatment (just heat olive or coconut oil until warm, apply to hair and leave for 30 minutes), is naturally hydrating.

4. DIY A Trim At Home

Salon Scissors, $16, Amazon

If you don't want to head to the salon for a pricey haircut, it's pretty simple to trim your split ends at home. Make sure you buy a pair of salon scissors first, because regular ones will cut the hair too bluntly and cause more split ends.

5. Be Wary Of Extreme Remedies

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio made waves this year when she posted an Instagram of her split ends being trimmed by an open flame. This Brazilian treatment is designed to remove the tiny split ends that stick out of your hair by burning them off. But do you really want to put an open flame anywhere near my hair? Learn more about this technique in this video.

6. Turn To The Pros

Split Ender, $229, Amazon

Some people swear by the Split Ender, a hair trimmer that's specifically designed to remove split ends. It's hard to find online, but if you're serious about removing split ends without length, it's worth watching this review and finding a stylist in your area who uses one.

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Image: Isla Murray/Bustle, Courtesy of Brands