Obama Cracks The Quintessential 'Seinfeld' Joke

In the Season 7 premiere of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld picked up probably his most distinguished passenger ever: President Obama. The web series, which shows Seinfeld, well, getting coffee with fellow comedians followed him as he drove a 1963 Corvette Stingray in silver blue all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania. The unusual pairing of Obama and Seinfeld brought about plenty of POTUS fun facts — nachos apparently are his guilty food pleasure — but it also allowed the president to show off his comedic chops, like poking fun of Seinfeld for his magnum opus.

Now, Obama isn't officially a comedian, but Seinfeld says POTUS is pretty much qualified given his impressive showings at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner, which include famous digs at Dick Cheney and Donald Trump. And throughout the webisode, it's clear that Obama is more than equipped to go toe-to-toe with a seasoned vet like Seinfeld. Just take a look at one particularly pointed dig Obama made at Seinfeld's expense — all in good fun, of course.

As the two men sit in the back of Obama's armored Cadillac nicknamed "The Beast" — it boasts a tank frame — the president jokes, "I've always wanted to be on a show about nothing, and here I am."

The zinger is a major reference back to Seinfeld's eponymous comedy TV series that was based on a fictionalized version of himself and was famously "a show about nothing." Seinfeld caught the joke right away, laughing back, "There's nothing, nothing in this."

Now, you don't see Obama and Seinfeld zip around the country's capital; instead, for obvious safety reasons, the pair stick to cruising the White House grounds, which honestly is a little disappointing. But there's also something humbling about watching POTUS kick back a cup of joe with Seinfeld in what appears to be an average basement cafeteria used by White House staffers.

Check out the full Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee POTUS episode here.

Image: Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee