If Only Obama & Teddy Roosevelt Could Hang Out

Jerry Seinfeld's web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee did a bit of off-roading for its most recent installment, since Seinfeld wasn't drinking his coffee with another comedian this time around. I'd venture to guess that no one will mind the change-up, though, because the star of the show about nothing got together with the man who's in charge of everything: President Barack Obama. During the show, the current president named Teddy Roosevelt as one of his favorite past presidents, so let me take this time to imagine just what an Obama-Roosevelt hangout would look like, since it's totally on the current president's wish-it-could-actually-happen list.

The reveal came after Seinfeld asked if the president had any favorite predecessors as a kid. Obama then shared with the world his not-so-secret dream to have a hang sesh with one of his favorite former U.S. commanders-in-chief:

Teddy Roosevelt is a cool character. In fact, he may be the guy who would be the most fun to hang out with. He just does crazy stuff.

Does that crazy stuff involve knocking back a cup of gin disguised as coffee? Not sure if even Teddy would be able to keep up with your shenanigans, Obamz.

After taking a sip from a cup handed to him dutifully by an assistant, the President offered up the chuckle-worthy remark to Seinfeld:

Just a 'lil, 'lil gin I take mid-day.

It seems Obama, then, would be pretty okay with a trip to the bar to enjoy a beer or two with TR. But if neither actually has a particular preference for beverages of the alcoholic kind, there's another option. Roosevelt is said to have drunk a gallon of coffee every day (yes, you did read that correctly). And from Obama's appearance on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, I can only assume that the president is just as happy to down a few cups of java over the course of the day. I'm picturing an equally jolly coffee date as Obama appeared to have with Seinfeld, only Teddy and Obama were riding horses to the coffee shop instead of Seinfeld's choice of classy automobile.

I feel like all of this hanging out would have to take place in a beautiful natural setting, since Teddy was known for his love of the outdoors. And with the Obamas bringing their annual Hawaii holiday vacation to a close, why not extend the trip for a day or two so good ol' Theodore can enjoy the natural beauty of Oahu in this imaginary play date.

Golf, unfortunately, won't be on the itinerary for the day. Though Obama is a lover of the putting green, Teddy was one of only four presidents who didn't play the game. Obama could go for one of Teddy's favorite pastimes — boxing — but that seems a tad aggressive for a first hang. Though, there's always basketball.

Obama should be a bit careful, though, if he decides to take Roosevelt to the basketball court. Teddy would almost definitely lose a b-ball match, since the game was only invented just a few years before Roosevelt moved into the White House, and upsetting Roosevelt wouldn't be good if there are hopes for a budding friendship.

Images: Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee