Is That Harry Styles In "Out Of The Woods"?

At long last, Taylor Swift is finally releasing the video for "Out Of The Woods," a single from her smash hit album 1989. It's a song many have speculated to be about her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles of One Direction fame, but did the video prove that rumor? Is Harry Styles in Taylor Swift's "Out Of The Woods" music video? The video premiered during ABC's New Year's Rockin' Even with Ryan Seacrest special on Thursday night and it mostly just stars Swift, special effects, and a whole lot of symbolism.

The music video opens with one word: "Him." Throughout the scenes, Swift finds herself chased by wolves and vines through out many different New Zealand landscapes — which could represent several of her relationships. At the end, the video closes with the following words: "She lost him / But she found herself / And somehow that was everything," which is also printed in her album 1989. Styles could very well be that "him" for many reasons.

Swift publicly performed "Out Of The Woods" on Good Morning America and Jimmy Kimmel Live! in 2014, when 1989 first dropped into our hearts. And that's when the speculation ran wild that the "twenty stitches in a hospital room" referenced a certain snowmobile accident Styles and Swift were involved in. Swift co-wrote the song with fun.'s Jack Antonoff about a very unpredictable romance in her life (ahem). "The No. 1 feeling I felt in the relationship was anxiety," Swift said of the song during a performance at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles earlier this year. "It felt very fragile. It felt very tentative. It felt like, OK, what's the next road block?" According to the video, it could be wolves, vines, snow, ice, fire, and so much more.

So while Styles wasn't actually in the video, I think his prescience — and the lasting influence of his relationship with Swift — is reflected all over the music video.

Watch it for yourself below.