10th Suspected Paris Attacker Arrested

According to Belgian prosecutors, a 10th person connected to the Paris attacks was arrested Wednesday after a raid on a Brussels house in the Molenbeek neighborhood. The man was identified by prosecutors as Ayoub B., 22, and was charged with terrorist murder and participation in a terrorist organization, prosecutors said. No other information was disclosed about the extent of the man's involvement nor his background other than he was a Belgian national who was born in 1993.

CNN reports that 10 cell phones were confiscated during the latest raid and will be examined, but no firearms or explosives were discovered in the house. The suspected 10th attacker is expected to stand before a judge within the coming week to determine whether he should remain in preventive detention, according to the Associated Press.

The horrific Paris attacks on Nov. 13 left 130 people dead, and the months after have seen increased anti-terrorism efforts by both the French and Belgian governments. Molenbeek, a believed hot-spot for Islamic terrorist activities, has continued to be the center of investigations as it was home to two of the attackers, Brahim Abdeslam and Bilal Hadfi. One suspected attacker, Salah Abdeslam, still remains at large.