Lil Bub Makes Music Now

Sometimes, the holiday season comes and goes, leaving you to face a lonely January without the gifts you wished for in merrier, more tinsel-ed times. Perhaps you wanted new shoes, a leather jacket, or the international musical debut of an adorable cat beloved by the Internet. There's not much we can do about the shoes or jacket, but thankfully, one cat has stepped up to the musical plate: Lil Bub is featured on a new recording of "The Super Bowl Shuffle" (via Pitchfork).

You may ask "Why did we need another version of the old 'Super Bowl Shuffle,' made famous by the Chicago Bears in 1985?" But you'd be so woefully unaware of how much we all needed to hear Lil Bub's incomparable little squeak and gurgle alongside the voices of comedians like Scott Aukerman, Kyle Kinane, and David Wain as well as Les Savvy Fav lead singer Tim Harrington. Alright we didn't need this, but it's totally strange and completely adorable.

Plus, if you read the extensive fine print on Misfire Record's purchase page for the brand new cover of the Super Bowl "classic" (below), you'll see that the single is meant to raise money for a worthy cause: literacy charity Reading is Fundamental. So while you probably didn't love the first rendition of "The Super Bowl Shuffle," just know that this version costs a dollar, is the far superior version, helps charity, and spreads aural cheer with the incapacitating cute of the Lil Bub signature gurgle. It's basically a win-win-win... win.

To listen to and purchase the new "Super Bowl Shuffle," visit the Misfire Records Bandcamp page.