Facebook Glitch Tells People They've Been Friends For 46 Years, Hilarity Ensues

If you checked your Facebook feed Thursday morning (and let's be honest, we both know you did it before getting out of bed), you're probably wondering the same thing as everyone else: What is the Facebook friends glitch? Recently, a strange message popped up on some users' accounts congratulating them on being friends with people on Facebook for 46 years — despite the fact that the social media website is just over 10 years old, and the majority of its users likely haven't even been alive that long. Most importantly, the Internet didn't even exist in its current form back in 1969.

According to Tech Insider, the glitch appears to be restricted to the "On This Day" feature, which helps users remember past special moments that they've memorialized on Facebook. Usually, a message appears at the top of a user's Newsfeed reminding them that they became friends with another user a certain number of years ago on this day. However, thanks to the glitch, some users are receiving messages telling them they've been friends since 1969.

Users wasted no time in pointing out the glitch on both Facebook and Twitter, using screenshots to poke fun at the website's apparent early New Year's Eve celebrations, while others just wanted the 46-year friendship madness to end.

Some speculated that it was a marketing ploy.

Facebook has yet to comment publicly on the glitch. In the meantime, even if it's just a small technological mishap, let's all take a cue from the social platform and get started a little early on the New Year's Eve celebrations.

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