16 Photos That Prove Khloe Kardashian Is The Most Adorable Aunt Ever


Over the past eleven seasons that Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we've seen Kim and Kourtney become moms — and pretty great ones at that. But we've also seen Khloé become an aunt to Mason, Penelope, North, Reign, and Saint, and now that she has five little ones who look up to her, she definitely has her hands full. She may not have any kids of her own yet, but when the time is right? She'll be an awesome mom, and it's all because she's had tons of practice with her nieces and nephews. Khloé Kardashian is an adorable aunt, and it's obvious she loves Kourtney and Kim's kids so much.

Between seeing her interact with the kids on KUWTK and seeing her talk about them on social media, it's easy to see they're super lucky to have Aunt Khloé in their lives. No offense to her sisters, but Khloé is obviously the fun aunt — you know, the one who buys you the toys your mom says no to, and the one who always has gum — and it shows.

And if you scroll through Khloé's Instagram posts, there are tons that include the tiny people in her life. Here are just a few of the most adorable of those photos for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome!

1. North Doing Khloé's Makeup On Christmas

Remember what I was saying about the fun aunt? Yeah, she's the only one who would let you do something like this.

2. Penelope & Khloé By The Christmas Tree

So much Christmas love in one picture.

3. Khloé Tossing North In The Air

The joy on this little girl's face!

4. #YOLO

Anyone else would look like a douche wearing this hat, but these two just look adorable.

5. With North & Penelope

Too cute. Also, Penelope's hair is looking fly.

6. North & Khloé Drinking Their Feelings

There needs to be a KIMOJI of this photo, because it's how I feel on a daily basis.

7. Kourtney, Mason, & Khloé

Literally the happiest picture I've ever seen.

8. Kisses For Khloé & North

The fact that this was taken backstage at a Kanye West show is even better.

9. Snuggles With Penelope

The matching PJs. I can't.

10. Khloé & Mason On Christmas

BFFs, clearly.

11. This Hair Selfie

You can't even see their faces, but instinctually, you know this is cute.

12. Birthday Smooches For Penelope

Suddenly, I've been hit with the fact that Penelope is growing up really fast. Remember when she was this tiny?!

13. And Another Birthday Selfie With Mason

Featuring Thomas the Tank Engine. A+ theming choice, Mase.

14. North & Khloé With Glow Glasses

It's truly in style if North is wearing it.

15. Khloé & Mason Sticking Their Tongues Out

Sweet Spider-Man hat!

16. Khloé & Mason's Hand


I can't wait to see photos of Khloé and the kids as they grow. I have a feeling she'll be an aunt they can count on for a lifetime — for silly selfies, fun adventures, and everything in between.