This Raccoon Stealing Donuts Just Usurped Pizza Rat's Throne — VIDEO

In case you were wondering who the new pizza rat is, it's this raccoon stealing donuts. The video of the latest junk food loving rodent was captured by someone called Peter J, whose commentary through the course of the donut stealing is just as priceless as the commentary itself. Awestruck, he exclaims "He's going to commit!" as the raccoon reaches down in an attempt to scoop up an apple fritter. The video is captioned simply "Sly Cooper and the Thievious Donutus", and will bring you no end of joy to watch as, in complete honesty, it is far cuter and much less disgusting than pizza rat (sorry pizza rat, but you know what you are). Raccoons, despite being disease-riddled dumpster divers, just have more adorable faces than rats.

The raccoon in the video, hanging Mission Impossible style from a hole in the ceiling, is hell bent on retrieving his bounty. In a precarious and risky situation, he remains cool, calm, and collected as he (or she, I keep calling him he but you never know, ladies gotta eat too!) procures for him/herself a delicious looking pastry. I mean, I only wish I had this kind of pastry espionage skill. Look at him/her go!

Watch the little raccoon get itself a tasty treat below:

Peter J on YouTube

Meanwhile, let's take a look at some other animals enjoying human food shall we?

1. Pizza Rat

Matt Little on YouTube

We can't talk about animals eating human food until we talk about pizza rat, the most famous rat probably ever. Filmed stealing away down some disgusting subway stairs with a disgusting piece of floor pizza this year, pizza rat quickly became a celebrity. At least donut raccoon had the dignity to find itself a clean treat to eat.

2. Baby Duck Eating Pizza

FunVidUSA on YouTube

Unlike pizza rat, this totally cuddle-able duckling ate its pizza right out of a box, just like a human person. It's frightfully adorable.

3. Bunny Rabbit Eating Raspberry

929 The Bull TV on YouTube

Speaking of things that are so f-ing adorable they'll blow your mind out of your nose in ears, here's a bunny eating a raspberry. The cutest part is probably the stained red lips, as though the bunny was a real human child with fruit colored kid lips.

4. Cat In Costume Eating Banana

sweetfurx4 on YouTube

Okay this one is really going to blow your face off. This cat in costume eating a banana makes pizza rat look like a joke. Pizza rat, pizza shmat. It's all about adorable, grumpy looking cats in dumb outfits eating bananas. This is the future of viral videos.

5. Chipmunk Eating Corn On The Cob

pghhdvideo on YouTube

If you want to see some really industrious animals, check out this tiny chipmunk eating its way around a corn on the cob. It's completely perfectly going around, not missing a kernel or grabbing at random. What an efficient little dude!

Images: YouTube