Here's Where You Can Purchase Ariana Grande x MAC

The new year is kicking off in both matte plum and shimmery pink fashion! The Ariana Grande x MAC VIVAGLAM collaboration lands in January and the lip products are bound to be super coveted and therefore hard to nab. Where can you buy Ariana Grande X MAC VIVAGLAM lipstick and Lip Glass? You actually have a lot of easy purchasing options, since freestanding MAC stores and MAC counters are everywhere and you can shop online.

Grande's VIVAGLAM options include a deep, dark purple lipstick, which the singer herself said was aimed at "bad girls," as well as a pale, cotton candy pink lip gloss, designed for "good girls." Because contrast will be sooooo in in 2016.

Grande is replacing 2015's VIVAGLAM spokesmodel Miley Cyrus as this year's ambassador.

Every cent of the selling price of VIVAGLAM products is donated to the MAC AIDS Fund, which helps those living with HIV and AIDS.

So, those are all of the facts. Where can you grab tubes of these gorgeous shades?

Well, MAC products are only sold at official MAC counters in department stores like Macy's, Nordstrom, and more. They are also sold at standalone MAC stores. The lipstick and Lip Glasses are also sold online.

You can't grab them at third party makeup meccas, like Sephora or Ulta.

You will need to pop over to the MAC counter at the mall. You can use the MAC store locator to find the nearest option.

Or you can shop it online.

VIVAGLAM is a tentpole MAC range so the products have traditionally been widely available and that isn't going to change just because Grande is the incoming celeb representative.

However, the general makeup maven excitement over these lip shades and the passion with which her Arianators support all of the singer's endeavors should makes these products sell out quickly on the first run.

But expect a quick restock, given MAC's commitment to its AIDS charity.

Images: MAC (2)