7 Last-Minute New Year's Eve Makeup Looks You Can Create With Things You Already Have — VIDEOS

My 2016 New Year's resolution: To not be so last-minute about planning next year's New Year's Eve plans. OK, maybe that's excessive, but you know what I mean. If you've just pulled together tonight's festivities, here are seven last-minute New Year's Eve beauty looks that you can create with things you probably already have (or you can snag at a nearby drugstore.)

Luckily, I've got 365 days to work on my new goal, but as for tonight, the clock is ticking on 2015. Chances are, you don't have a ton of time to dash off to Sephora or Ulta to grab new products or tools (especially if they're in a crowded mall... *shudders*).

You'd be surprised at how many new looks you can create with your usual go-to's, though. Whether you apply your fave eyeliner in a different way or layer on lipstick like nobody's business, the glorious thing about beauty products is their versatility.

Plus, creating a killer beauty look with things you already have can distract you from not being able to pull out all the stops on a brand new NYE outfit. With the right beauty look, your go-to LBD and a piece of bold bling will do just fine.

Here are seven tutorials to help you master your best New Year's Eve beauty look yet. Now, where's the champagne?

Grunge Glam

Kaushal Beauty on YouTube

If glitz and glitter isn't your jam, this '90s-inspired grunge glam just might be your perfect NYE look. Time to break out that choker necklace, baby.

Cherry Red Pout

Dacey Cash on YouTube

This video may be a Kendall Jenner makeup dupe, but the bright red lip and flirty lash look is a great New Year's Eve option. Warning, though: Everyone will know who you kissed at midnight. Ah, no matter.

Dark And Dangerous

Katerina Williams on YouTube

A dark eye makeup look can be intimidating, but there's no time like the last night of the year to try a new beauty style. Paired with a shimmery mauve lip, the look is sexy and sweet at the same time.

Sculpted Contour

Jaclyn Hill on YouTube

The best part of this contouring tutorial is that there's no actual contouring kit involved. If you've got bronzer, blush, and highlighter (or even concealer), you're good to go.

Gilded Eyes

TheMakeupChair on YouTube

This YouTuber's beauty look is totally NYE-ready. It's the best night of the year to go for the gold. No need for subtlety tonight, either, so layer on as much as your golden little heart desires.

Deep Plum Pucker

Lauren Curtis on YouTube

This eye look features an eye-enhancing double winged liner to make your peepers pop, and the dark lip can be totally customized to whatever deep shade you've got in your makeup drawer.

Strobing-Style Glow

Desi Perkins on YouTube

Why not try what's sure to be one of the biggest makeup trends of 2016 a little early? Strobing had its moment in 2015, sure, but the trend is only getting more major. Master it stat.

Peach Perfect

MakeupByAlli on YouTube

This all-over New Year's Eve glam look is the perfect balance between charcoal shimmer and peachy bliss. It's girly, festive, and bold without going over-the-top.

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