He Was Paid Min. Wage For His Oscar Nominated Role

Jonah Hill did not make a lot of money for his role in The Wolf of Wall Street. At all. I mean, it's still more than what a lot of non-super-famous-actors make, but it's wayyyyyy lower than what the average actor makes for a film. I'm not talking a mere million dollars here compared to 10 million. Jonah Hill admitted that he made $60,000 from The Wolf of Wall Street earlier today on The Howard Stern Show. Told you it wasn't a lot.

Hill told Stern that he agreed to take the Screen Actor's Guild minimum for the seven month shoot because he wanted to participate in the Martin Scorsese directed film so badly. He also said that, after making the deal, he was in a rush to sign his contract in fear that someone would change their mind leading the film to go with another actor. It reminds me of the scene where Hill's WoWS character Donnie Azoff tells Jordan Belfort that he'll quit his job and work for him if he shows him a paystub showing the massive amount of money Belfort made in the past month. Azoff wants to get in on that deal immediately. Any time that passes could be a chance for Belfort to change his mind. In Hill's real life situation, the money is replaced with getting to work with the best in the business. It's a much better sentiment that way.

As a source of comparison to Hill's paycheck, Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly made $10 million for his starring role, but he has the fact that he's Leonardo DiCaprio working for him. Point is, Jonah Hill made the minimum amount of money, somehow was able to do a fantastic acting job around those giant fake teeth and glasses, and proved himself by getting nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. If he ever works for Scorsese again, he'll be making a hell of a lot more money.