10 Things To Add To Your Bucket List In 2016

Alright, party people, a brand new year is upon us, so it's time to talk #goals. No, I don't mean the "be as cute as celeb couple Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley" kind of goals — these are the smaller-scale life goals that make us smarter, healthier, and happier. They're the kinds of things we always talk about but haven't managed to do yet, and 2016-going on-17 is the perfect time to go do those very things. Check out these 10 things to add to your bucket list in 2016.

One cool thing about self-improvement is that, along the way, it can become downright pleasant. My favorite way to stick to a resolution-y type of goal is to recruit my friends to participate in my resolutions with me. Peer pressure is a powerful force, and harnessing it for good rather than evil is both pragmatic and effective. The odds of you and two friends all being too lazy to go to your new book club or spin class is far smaller than if you were to go to it alone.

Here are 10 ideas for things to add to your bucket list in 2016 — because this year, adventure is calling your name.

1. Witness A Meteor Shower

Taking in a meteor shower, an eclipse, or another celestial event is an awesome way to feel like a part of the giant universe. Roll out a blanket and look up at the sky. You'll remember it for years to come.

2. Sleep Outside

You could potentially knock out #1 and #2 at the same time. Falling asleep in a tent to the sounds of crickets and wind in the trees is an awesome way to unwind from the hum of freeways or blares of honking horns.

3. Go To A Great Concert

Great music is never not worth the price of admission. Set one evening aside in 2016 to appreciate a favorite artist up close.

4. Do Something That Scares You

Skydiving, public speaking, or even trying new foods will push you out of your comfort zone, and allow you to grow as a person. So make plans now to face your fears in the new year.

5. Volunteer

Giving back to your community helps the people around you, and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Even if you only help someone carry groceries to his or her car, make a point to help out a fellow human this year.

6. Vote

Vote. It matters. Seriously.

7. Take More Pictures

And I don't mean just posed group photos whenever you're doing something super rad. Take more photos of your everyday life — your friends and family in their natural habitats. Who knows whose hair style will be super funky in 30 years! Capture your home, pets, and favorite people on "film" so future-you will have something to look back on.

8. Bond With An Animal

If you don't already have a pet, this is a super worthwhile bucket list item to consider. Visit an animal shelter, or offer to walk a friend's dog. The therapeutic effects of hanging out with an animal are well documented, and besides that, it's fun!

9. Drink More Water

Have you seen Michelle Obama's skin? The woman is perfect! Take a page out of her book, and actually drink the boatload of water you're supposed to drink every day. Your kidneys will also thank you.

10. Master A Cocktail

In the world of being a grownup, you'll have plenty of opportunities to host your friends for cocktails. Get really good at making one signature drink, so that can always be your go-to.

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