What To Expect on the Intense 'The Americans' Season 2 Premiere

I don't know about you, but I LOVE me a good old fashioned spy show (RIP Alias). The Americans returns to FX on Wednesday, February 26th, for its second season and it's going to be anything but predictable. The show, set around two Russian KGB officers feigning a marriage as an American couple in the midst of the Cold War. In it's sophomore season, the show plans to aim it's arcs on the familial.

At the Television Association Critics Press Tour, the show's stars, Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, speak candidly about the season's raunchy yet comical opening. The actors leave us to infer that the season opens up with their on-screen son catching them in quite the compromising position. "No children were harmed in the filming of that scene," Rhys joked. The shows creator explained that the scene was shot separately so that the young actor did not have to actually witness any scarring sexual escapades.

What else is in store for the Faux-Jennings? Apparently, the show is going to focus more on the couple's young teen daughter, Paige. It seems that while the girl matures, she becomes more aware of her parent's unusual and sordid late night behavior, unlike her younger more naive brother. Don't expect this realization to bond the family, though. Executive Producer Joel Fields laments that, "...It’s not going to go great. Teenagers are hard."

Another storyline to look forward to is the relationship progression between American FBI agent Stan and Russian KGB agent Nina. After all, that can't go too well for too long, can it? Nina has already gotten herself into trouble with the Russian government and after losing his partner, Stan's emotional stability is faltering. The execs warn that there will be a power struggle and we think that Stan should watch his back. We never trusted Nina, anyway.

And of course, the show's executives promise a stronger emphasis on those hilariously awful 80's style wigs and no, they assure us, they aren't kidding. Check out the intense trailer for Season 2 of The Americans below:

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Image: FX