9 Things That Influenced The Taylor Swift Video For "Out Of The Woods," From 'Game Of Thrones' To 'Frozen'

Right before 2015 ended, Taylor Swift unleashed her elements-filled music video for her song "Out Of The Woods" and the response was just as enthusiastic as the welcoming of 2016. While watching the video during Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve on Thursday night, I couldn't help but that notice parts of "Out Of The Woods" were influenced by other things — and Twitter felt the same way. In the video, Swift runs through snow, desert, jungle, and mountains as she's chased by wolves and vines in a blue dress.

The visually stunning music video was filmed in New Zealand in several different locations, which were essentially Swift's only co-stars in the video. Yup, Tay appears solo in the vid, which is about finding yourself when you're heartbroken. And while the inspiration for "Out Of The Woods" is loss, the influences for the video definitely come from various sources in pop culture. You could see a little bit of Game of Thrones in there. Add a dash of Frozen. Mix in some Lord of the Rings and Twilight. And what does that get you? One epic New Year's Eve music video to close out 2015.

Whether those references are intention or not, they are sure fun to spot. Here are some I noticed in the music video for "Out Of The Woods."

1. Frozen

Blue dress? Check. Ice? Check. Despair? Check. Swift as Elsa makes a pretty good match for Elsa here.

2. Lord Of The Rings

But instead of the ring, she finds herself.

3. Game Of Thrones

I mean, that could be Swift at the wall with the wolves.

4. Alice In Wonderland

5. "Bad Blood"

Yep, Swift is so big now that she can influence herself. But this time, Taylor's squad is made up on wolves out to get her. Uh oh.

6. Twilight

Well, Swift did date Taylor Lautner, who starred in the films, which featured lots of lush forests and Lautner as a werewolf.

7. The Chronicles Of Narnia

Just like the series of films, Swift's music video offers lots of beautiful and visually stunning landscapes. And if I'm not mistaken, some magical pixies by the end.

8. Teen Wolf

Aside from the obvious wolves comparison here, the MTV series has mysticism, and has featured many of nature's elements.

9. The Hunger Games

Some fans have even dubbed Swift as the Katniss Everdeen of "Out Of The Woods," since both heroines are strong and stand up against their circumstances — and do so in amazing landscapes.

No matter what, it looks like "Out Of The Woods" could be a new classic for Swift in 2016.