10 Signs You're Harry Potter's Biggest Fan

I read Harry Potter for the first time when I was 7. I mistakenly started with Chamber of Secrets, which was pushed on me by my mom, because a lot of her students had enjoyed it. (The irony is that now my mom is at most ambivalent about the series, and she doesn't at all understand how my sister and I are so crazy for it.) Begrudgingly, I started this weird book my mom had given me, and was immediately hooked, a huge Harry Potter fan. Harry Potter was my companion throughout the dog days of middle school, it got me through the stress and exhilaration of high school, and then I went on to join my college's quidditch team. Now, as an adult, I get to write articles about Harry Potter for my job. My mom could not have predicted what she would unleash when she handed me that book all those years ago.

I bet you, too, are obsessed. I bet you've carried Harry and Co. around with you just as I have, holding the books close to your chest. You've probably been to all the releases and the parties, and dressed up enthusiastically. You've obviously reread the books a million times and watched all the movies, and you definitely have an opinion about which ones are your favorite.

But are you Harry Potter's biggest fan? See if you match these criteria.

1. You Speak Mostly in Harry Potter Quotes

Whenever people go to you for help, it's more like they're going to Dumbledore himself. You drop Harry Potter quotes like nobody's business. There's always an applicable lesson from J.K. Rowling, no matter the situation.

2. You Know Your Spells Inside and Out

From lumos to levicorpus, you're like a walking registry of Harry Potter spells. Quick, how do you get rid of a boggart? Summon your Patronus! Shoot fire out of your wand! All you need is the equipment, and you could be a witch or wizard in your own right.

3. You Have At Least One Harry Potter Tattoo

Of course your tattoo is Harry Potter-themed! Nothing has meant so much to you or said so much about you. Harry Potter is forever, in your heart as well as in ink.

4. You Can Sing All the Sorting Hat Songs

Those sorting hat songs are awesome, insightful, and, let's face it, long. But you have them all on tap in your brain, ready to go if ever the moment arises. You're likely to bust one out the way some people rap.

5. You Get Massively Annoyed When People Haven't Read the Books

You're certain the series really should be required reading. If somebody hasn't read Harry Potter, they probably can't keep up with you. Besides, no one's too cool for Harry Potter.

6. Every Party You Throw Has Butterbeer

Most parties you throw are Harry Potter themed (costumes encouraged!), but even the ones that aren't feature your favorite butterbeer recipe. I'm talking butterbeer for Christmas, butterbeer for the Fourth of July, and butterbeer for Thirsty Thursday. Why would anyone want to drink anything else?

7. Everything You Own is Color Coordinated to Match Your Hogwarts House

Not only is your blood thick with house pride, but all of your possessions are slathered in it. Whether you wear scarlet and gold, black and yellow, blue and bronze, or green and silver, there is no such thing as too much pride.

8. You've Written Essays for School About Harry Potter

Even your Muggle education needs that Hogwarts touch. There are so many applications to what we learn in Harry Potter, and so many connections between the wizarding world and the Muggle world. Any exam can be your O.W.L. if you put your mind to it.

9. You've Had Sexy Dreams About Harry Potter Characters

Not only do you ship characters with each other, but you've definitely shipped them with yourself. Seriously, though, who can resist? Whether you're wild for a Weasley or hot for Hermione, your imagination has definitely made it happen.

10. You Have a Google Alert for Any Potter News

With an upcoming play, an upcoming movie, and J.K. Rowling actively dropping truth bombs on Twitter, you know that Harry Potter news is likely to come at any moment. You better believe you're ready for it. You're just sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting to unlock your hoard of expert fan theories and insights.

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