The One Natalie Cole Performance You Have To See, Because Her Talent Was Something To Behold

Sad news in the world of R&B: Singer Natalie Cole has passed away at the age of 65 of congestive heart failure, according to her publicist. The chart-topping star was best known for her incredible career in music after stepping out of her father’s legendary shadow and creating a long history of amazing songs. It’s always hard when someone whose voice has been apart of your life for so long passes away, and I often find myself watching old performances to process the news. So if you’re wondering, like I am, how you can best pay homage to the late star, I’d suggest turning to one of Cole’s most memorable performances. It’s the one Natalie Cole performance everybody should see. And with the news of her death in mind, watching it takes on a whole other meaning.

Natalie Cole’s song “Unforgettable” is one of the songs that the singer is best known for, but perhaps what makes it even more incredible is that she performed it “virtually” with her father. Her father, Nat King Cole, had passed away by the time she performed the song, so Natalie Cole performed the duet beside a video monitor of her father singing the same song.

Really, it’s one of her best performances.

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The star looks radiant as she sings beside her legendary father. It’s an incredible homage to the man whose musical talent must have inspired her greatly. But what makes the performance even more incredible to watch now is how it takes on a whole new meaning in the wake of her death. The song was originally meant as the artist’s tribute to her late father, and to show the world how unforgettable he is. But in the aftermath of Natalie Cole’s own death, the performance comes to show something else entire. We see in this performance how unforgettable Natalie Cole is, because her talent is something to marvel at.

And that last little gesture of father and daughter blowing a kiss to each other, that will give you chills, I guarantee. Watch it. You’ll love it.