10 Valentine's Day Date Ideas for Literary Couples

The thing about literary couples is that they don't always have it all figured out. Lucky for them, Valentine's Day is right around the corner — a perfect opportunity to rekindle romance and refocus the direction of a relationship. For some literary couples, such ends are crucial — Romeo and Juliet, for example, not to mention Gatsby and Daisy. Yikes. For others, like Lizzie and Mr. Darcy, such occasions are an opportunity to celebrate how much the relationship has grown since its early moments. Keep reading for 10 great Valentine's Day dates for literary couples — because Heathcliff's going to need more than just a box of chocolates.

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Bed & Breakfast: Gatsby & Daisy ('The Great Gatsby')

What went wrong with these two? Hubris, of course. (Also, Daisy isn’t very nice.) This Valentine’s Day, Gatsby and Daisy should flee town (careful to obey the speed limits) and head to a humble bed & breakfast. No frills, no thrills — just a bed, a breakfast, and one another.

Family Game Night: Romeo & Juliet

It seems to me that what might strengthen the relationship of these two star-crossed lovers the most would be a little family time. This V-Day, R&J ought to get the Montagues and the Capulets together for a spirited round of Yahtzee, Catchphrase, or even Twister. Everybody can laugh and bond over game pieces and French onion dip. Because not killing yourself is also romantic.

Poetry Slam: Jo & Professor Fritz ('Little Women')

Jo is strong-minded, bold, and intellectually curious, and Professor Fritz rubs her in all those right ways. He challenges her and encourages her to pursue her mind’s work, and that fuels their passion as a couple. So what could be more romantic for these two this Valentine’s Day than a poetry slam?

Laser Tag: Peeta & Katniss ('The Hunger Games')

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion. These two should take the night off from killing other children, and treat themselves to a little low-stakes laser tag. They’ll enjoy all of the fun of the chase without any of the, you know, bloodshed.

Road Trip: Catherine & Heathcliff ('Wuthering Heights')

What Cathy and Heathcliff need is not flowers or chocolate or even dinner at a fancy restaurant. They need to get the hell out of Wuthering Heights. With only the open road to guide them and no family drama or rigid social expectations to stand in their way, these two will finally realize their relationship’s full potential. And maybe Heathcliff will drop the creepy psycho act.

A Quiet Night In: Jack & Jill

These two should probably just take it easy. Too much falling down, breaking of crowns, etc, etc. Tumbling down hills after one another is certainly romantic, but a quiet evening in with a home-cooked dinner and bottle of wine is sometimes a nice change of pace.

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Couples Massage: Anastasia & Christian ('50 Shades of Grey')

Maybe it’s not exactly what the readers are after from this pair, but being nice to one another can be pretty sexy, too. At least we think so. Anastasia and Christian can look deeply into one another’s eyes as all their knots and kinks are soothed away with calming lavender oil. Then they can talk about their feelings and stuff.

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Private Dance Lesson: Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy ('Pride and Prejudice')

Much of this couple’s early cat-and-mouse game is hinged upon the social conventions of dancing — and dancing quickly becomes a way in which they exercise romantic approach… and romantic rejection. Now that things are squared away with these two and they are in an official Facebook relationship, they should buckle down and waltz together like the two lovebirds they’ve been all along.

Skype Date: Odysseus & Penelope ('The Odyssey')

Tempting nymphs, willing goddesses, and a house full of uninvited suitors. Oh, the pitfalls of a long distance relationship! This Valentine’s Day, Odysseus and Penelope should rekindle their love with a long and much needed Skype session. There’s nothing like a little face time to remember all the reasons you’ve committed to your significant other for the long haul.

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Weekend in Paris: Frank & April Wheeler ('Revolutionary Road')

Frank and April Wheeler are like the picture portrait of American suburban ennui. When they are planning their move to Paris, they finally seem capable of breaking through the boredom, but when their plans fall apart, so does the reconstructed relationship. These two should get away — far, far away — and see that city that they’ve been dreaming about, even if for only a weekend. There is a whole world beyond the humdrum of Revolutionary Road, and they only need to see it to believe it.