How To Steal Kim Kardashian's Fun Dutch Braids

by Alexa Tucker

Leave it to Kim Kardashian to turn a hairstyle usually reserved for the 10-and-under crowd into a trendy, chic 'do – she rocked double French braids to ring in the new year and proved to everyone that Dutch braids can be just as sassy as they are sweet. Here's how to copy Kim Kardashian's braided pigtails, if you're feeling inspired to kick off 2016 with a new look.

It's not the first time we've seen Kim K working double French braids. In fact, she showed them off just one week earlier on Christmas Eve with North, too (who had a matching hairstyle and fur coat, of course.) She must have liked them so much that she had to turn New Year's Eve into an IRL throwback Thursday — you can't blame a girl, though. They were pretty fabulous.

I imagine a member of her glam squad was behind the look, but no matter. If you don't have a hair team at your back and call, they're totally DIY-able, too. To keep the look from seeming like your own #TBT to age seven, go for grown-up glam when it comes to the rest of your ensemble (read: save those overalls for another time, cute as they may be.) As for makeup, think big, bold lashes, sculpted brows, and a full pout. Like so:

I spy Ye next to Kimmie here! I bet he approves.

Here are four tutorials that'll show you how to get your own Dutch braid look, à la Kim Kardashian.

Beginner-Level French Braiding

This tutorial is great if you don't already have French braiding on lock (like me.) I think I just decided on my 2016 New Year's resolution.

Thick And Voluminous

While Kim's look is tight and rope-like, you can also do Dutch braids with more volume. Thick-haired girls, rejoice.

Natural Hair

Natural hair looks amazing braided into two pigtails, too.


Looks like Kim's not the first Kardashian to work the double French braids! Like Kim, Khloe's look is taut and tight.

Of course, neither one of the sisters rocked 'em quite like Nori. You just can't beat that cute little nugget:

Images: KimKardashian/Instagram