13 People To Unfollow On Instagram In 2016

The start of a new year is always a good time to reflect, reevaluate, and ditch some of the negativity in your life — and that includes certain Instagrammers. The types of people you should unfollow on Instagram vary, but they all have one thing in common: you don't need 'em cluttering up your feed. Time to embrace that unfollow instinct.

Considering how much time we spend on it, social media can have a pretty big impact on our attitudes. While scrolling through a feed filled with positive and fun posts can give us a boost and make us feel connected, being bombarded with annoying pics equals an instant bad mood. And who needs those vibes in their life?

Of course, everyone has their own triggers. Personally, if I see one more engagement photo on Facebook, I just might pack my bags and move to a deserted WiFi-free island, Jimmy Buffett-style. And while some of us are all about constant dog photos (I request that you direct all puppy pics to me, please and thank you), others can't stand 'em.

However, certain Instagrammers tend to get on everyone's nerves. Here are 13 kinds of people to unfollow in 2016 — these may be celebrity pics, but you definitely know these types IRL. Bye, Felicia.

The Constant Vacationer

I, too, would like to vacation for a living. Seriously, either tell me how you're sipping piña coladas on a yacht every two weeks or stop making me jelly.

The Humble Bragger

Even the most well-disguised humble brag is still about as subtle as reading Fifty Shades of Grey on an airplane. Make no mistake, everyone sees right through ya.

The Sub-Par Food Photographer

Martha Stewart's official Instagram? Beautifully curated. Martha Stewart's personal Instagram? A hot mess filled with the most unappetizing food porn imaginable. Don't be a Martha.

The Collage Obsessed

One normal picture > a collage of a bunch of tiny ones. Is that you in there? I can't tell. It's too small.

The Bathroom Selfie Queen

PSA: It's 2016. We can all find some other places to take selfies besides a bathroom.

The Gym Rat

I'm actually not opposed to positive, activity-inspiring fitspo here and there, but some people need to learn that taking basically the same gym pic every morning isn't exactly the most stimulating thing. Yawn.

The Shopping Addict

OK, so maybe Kylie didn't actually have to shop for these Yeezy Boosts, but still. Congratulations on your successful shopping, but I'm good without the visual evidence.

The Album Uploader

Yes, Kris, your birthday party looked spectacular, but did we really need 342 photos in a row the day after? People who treat Instagram like a Facebook album are the worst.

The Name Dropper

Whether it's a picture with a celebrity, a designer handbag, or the hotel they're splurging on for their latest trip, everyone knows somebody who just has to let the world know the little (or big) details of the fancier things in life.

The Party Girl

I get it, you're social, gorgeous, and you live in the VIP section. But how's your liver doing?

The Over-Sharer

I'm all for posting positive messages, but there's a line — and that line is when you've got an IV in your arm. Sorry, Yolanda.

The Pointless Poster

Nice bruise, I guess? Maybe there's a reason we don't post the mundane on our social media accounts.

The Hashtag Happy

Possibly the most obnoxious of Instagram offenses is using a ridiculous number of hashtags. Unless you're Jimmy Fallon or Justin Timberlake in this gem of a video, #stop #toomany #annoying #icant #BYE.

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