Nail The Perfect Messy Bun

by Sienna Fantozzi

If there's one hairstyle I absolutely swear by, it's a messy bun. It doesn't require any hair skills, you can do it in literally 30 seconds, and you can wear it no matter how dirty your hair is (and that's always a plus). But if you want to nail the perfect messy bun, there's one thing you absolutely need, and it's going to take your bun game totally next-level. Trust.

A messy bun is easy in theory, but if you have fine/thin hair, or if your hair is freshly cleaned and doesn't want to style properly, it may be hard to get the volume and piecey-ness you need for that truly messy look. Conversely, your go-to dirty hair day style might be a little more difficult if your hair is greasy and falling flat. A messy bun requires texture and body, and without it, it's just going to look a little lackluster. You know your hair is dirty, but you don't want anyone else to, amaright?

So the one thing you need for a messy bun is texturizing spray. If you haven't used it before, it'll change your life. If your hair is freshly cleaned, it'll help dirty it up so it can style better. If your hair is dirty, it'll help absorb some of the oil and bring back the body and bounce. All you have to do is spray it throughout your hair, scrunch it up a little, and then style as normal. The texture spray will make your bun look fuller, as well as help your hair hold the style longer without falling out.

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Plus, not to mention all that piece-y goodness it creates.

If you want to incorporate texturizing spray into your beauty routine, try these seven to shop.

1. Oribe

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray; $42;

Celebs (and their hairdressers) swear by this brand.

2. Triple Thread

Sea Salt Beach Spray; $10.99;

This spray has sea salt in it for more of that beachy look.

3. Sexy Hair

Spray Clay; $9.60;

Clay helps the hair mold and style better.

4. Garnier

Texture Hairspray; $4.49;

This is a hairspray and a texture spray all in one.

5. KMS

Dry Wax; $14.57;

If you've used hair wax before, try it in a spray.

6. Fekkai

Bouffant Lifting Spray; $19.99;

This spray will gift your hair lift and volume.

7. Klorane

Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk Natural; $20;

Dry shampoo can totally double as a texture spray, so you don't have to buy two separate products.

Images: Amazon; Sephora