Hanna Marin Doesn't Own Nikes

If you're a fan, you're probably noticed that Hanna Marin wears heels in almost every episode of Pretty Little Liars, so it's amazing that she stays upright as often as she does. As someone who can barely wear kitten heels without wanting to jump off a cliff, it amazes me how stars and women on TV have such an incredible threshold for pain. Additionally, there are so many women in professions where they have to run and move around a lot who wear stiletto-heeled knee-high boots and six-inch pumps on my favorite shows. It makes me wonder if I am the outlier here and not them. This is partly why I relate more to Spencer, Emily, and Aria, more than Hanna or Alison.

However, with the five-year fast forward already here, it has given me cause to hope that maybe there will be a change in the shoe game for all of our pretty girls. There is absolutely no way that Hanna doesn't have foot damage after these past six seasons! She should go see a podiatrist. I know a guy. Even Ashley Benson herself hates wearing them. All of this being said, I have to admit that a lot of her choices are pretty badass looking. When you do want to make the choice to wear heels, we can learn a thing or two from Hanna.

Hanna undergoes a complete fashion transformation from blonde and colorful to dark (i.e. the black streaks in her hair) and Ravenswood-y in the fifth season that I completely approve of; this style overhaul completely alters her shoe game. Let us recap, shall we?

1. Her Signature Black-Studded Heels

Hanna loves these shoes. They are essentially reoccurring characters along with her black-heeled booties. She wears them throughout the seasons. But, they weren't the only ones that went to prison.

2. Her Short Black Booties

Hanna wears some variation of black-heeled booties in most episodes. They're a nice compromise, but usually three plus inches. You're not fooling anyone, Marin.

3. Her Strappy, Chunky, Wedges

These are a Hanna Marin staple at school, especially when she wears flirty dresses. As long as she takes them off after school she's safe, right?

4. Her Makeover Heels

These silver-tipped stilettos were worn on the first day of Hanna being the it-girl, and no longer the Hanna Marin of the past who was walked over by Alison. But, this was a different time without A.

5. Her Platform Boots

These are a seasonal choice and exchanged with the platform wedges. However, this was Halloween; she should know that's cause for trouble.

6. Her Classic Nude Pumps

They go with everything, and give each look a little class. But, she'd totally be unprepared for A in those.

7. Her Colored Statement Pumps

These are rarely seen, but when worn they match with every outfit. However, that outfit, while stylish, is definitely not something to run in.

8. Her High Rise Boots

They're not over-the-knees, but she kills them just the same. However, these don't really help you outrun a car.

9. Her Open Toes

I swear that this was the most colorful it got for Hanna in all of seasons four and five. Plus, I'm pretty sure that these were the only non-black leather boots.

10. Her Medium-Heeled Black Booties

These will start to look familiar to you.

11. Her Medium-Heeled Black Booties Number Two

See? Don't these look insanely familiar to you? Just wait for it.

12. Her Medium-Heeled Black Booties Number Three

Oh my god, Hanna. Don't you own any other shoes?

13. Her Medium-Heeled Black Booties Number Four

But really — don't you own any other shoes?

14. Her Medium-Heeled Black Booties Number Five

Really? How do you pick out the exact same boots all the time?

15. Her Medium-Heeled Black Booties Number Six

Jeez, Marin, don't you own anything else? These heeled black booties are high, but not stilettos. It seems like Hanna reached a happy medium, but they still don't look like Nike Frees to me. Hanna is definitely very fashionable; that is an indisputable fact. But, maybe she should consider sneakers once in a while.

Images: ABC Family (15), Giphy (1)